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“No Pain No Gain”: Why You Suffer to Succeed

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Listen to anyone successful. They’ll all tell you “No pain no gain.” For them to be where they are, they sacrificed, failed and persevered through the most difficult times. Some admit that they didn’t have an option but to keep going and eventually, their persistence paid off. 

Do you ever wonder why you have to go through hardship to become successful? In this post, we’ll explain the reasons why you suffer to succeed.

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It’s the Only Way to Build Resilience

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Imagine if you got anything and everything you wanted, you’d be entitled and probably not appreciate what you have. However, when you work for something and your limits are tested, you become more appreciative of the outcome and the people who’ve done it. This helps to build your fortitude so that when you face challenges, you don’t give up easily.

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Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Another thing that happens when you face obstacles is that you learn how to think critically. Your mind is stretched beyond what you know and put in a position where you have to consider and think of alternatives. As this happens, you work on solving the emerging issues which develop your problem-solving skills.

Makes You Humble

A young boy. Source: Photo by TopSphere Media on Unsplash

Before a challenge or a setback, you probably think you can do anything and for some people, aren’t keen on receiving advice. However, after a stumble, you’re forced to reconsider your options and realize that you need help. This keeps a lot of people grounded because they realize they can’t do it alone. 

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To Become Open-Minded Makes You Flexible

Pain forces you to consider alternatives and opens your mind to different possibilities.  You realize when things aren’t working and change them. This is important for your success as you learn how to let go of things that aren’t helpful for your progress.

To Develop Your Character

Another tenet that arises from the ‘no pain no gain’ line is the character building. We learn more when we fail than when we are successful. When things are going well, we assume that they’ll always be that way. However, when we are challenged, we realize that we have to be cognizant of our environment and the decisions we make. 

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Lacking Support from Those Around You 

When you’re at your peak, striving and thriving, you’re bound to attract people. Some of them are with you because of what they’ll gain. However, when things aren’t going well, they are likely to desert you. This is one of the most painful ways of realizing the honest connections you’ve made but is part of the ‘no pain no gain’ process.

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It’s a Lonely Journey

A woman walking along. Source: Photo by NEOM on Unsplash

Consider that you are the only person who is very passionate about your venture. Although you might have a team working with you, you can still be very lonely because you don’t have the leeway to do things like other people. 

One of the sacrifices that successful people make is spending less time with family and friends and not having many people to share their work life with.  

Delayed Gratification

One of the biggest lessons that stem from the saying ‘no pain no gain’ is learning how to acquire things gradually. Success doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll have to follow your routine religiously and engage in tasks repetitively to master your niche and get results. You learn how to be patient with yourself and people and think in a long-term manner.

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 There are a lot of benefits that come from struggle even though you might not like it. A lot of people spend a lot of effort running away from challenges. The solution is to face your fears and you’ll be a better person. 

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