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Meet Jared Anderson: African American Heavyweight Making a Name for Himself

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One of the most intriguing things about sports is the rise of new talent. Boxing has one of the most exciting prospects in Jared Andeson. He’s already making waves and set his sights on being one of the greatest of all time. His confidence and seemingly poised demeanor can hardly go unnoticed. Let’s find out more about Jared Anderson.

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Jared Anderson’s Boxing Career

Jared Anderson was born on 16 November 1999 in Toledo, United States. He had a good start in amateur boxing, winning the North American Boxing Federation (NABF) heavyweight title in 2021. He also won the U.S. National Championships.

In 2019, he turned professional after he signed a contract with Top Rank and then got his first fight against Daniel Infante. From then on, he fought Andrew Satterfield, Johnnie Langstone, Hector Perez, Rodney Hernandez, Luis Pena, Kingsley Ibe, Jeremiah Karpency, Vladimir Tereshkin, and Oleksandr Teslenko.

He won all his fights against them and has an undefeated record of 15-0. Out of those, he’s won 14 through knockouts. One feature of his fighting is that he finishes off his opponents quickly. Most of his bouts have only taken two rounds, with his longest going for 10 rounds against Charles Martin.

What’s behind his success in the ring so far? Speaking to British broadcaster Sky Sports, he says that he’s yet to have a difficult fight. He describes them as a ‘standard course.’

“My toughest fight is outside the ring. I’ve not had difficult professional fights. They’ve all been standard courses but I have to stay clear and focused on my career.” Jared Anderson said.

Another exciting feature about him is that he disclosed that he’s fighting for his brother, who’s imprisoned. To demonstrate that, he wore a prison outfit going to the ring. 

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Jared Anderson’s Background

The boxer grew up in Toledo, Ohio but moved to Houston. Speaking to Sky Sports Boxing, he explained why he made the move.

“There was a lot of gang violence. I lost a lot of friends so it was hard to live around that, get motivated and stay level-headed. But boxing helped me to slow things down so that I could understand where I was going in life.”

His mother advised him to keep fighting and never let that go. So what’s his plan?

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“I’m giving boxing my all because I got so much more to do. I’ll be the best in boxing, not let the game define me and when that’s done, I’ll leave,” Jared Anderson said.

“My motivation is money and providing for my family. Once I’ve done that, I’ll move on and use the other opportunities that come.”

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What does he want to achieve in the sport?

“I’m willing to do things other people don’t want to do and to go above and beyond. I know what I’m capable of. I probably want to be the baddest person to have ever laced a pair of gloves.”

Jared Anderson is touted to be the heir to the likes of Anthony Joshua. Will he get to that level? Well, time will tell but for now, he’s certainly on the right track of achieving that.

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