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The Best Economies in Africa: Top 7 Countries

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Amidst abundance of mineral resources and rich cultures, Africa has grappled with issues like political instability, inadequate infrastructure, and access to education and healthcare. Yet, against these odds, these nations have weathered challenges and harnessed their unique strengths to propel their economies forward. 

Africans are also beginning to catch up with the rest of the world technologically. According to Statista, the continent had around 570 million internet users in 2022. On this page, we’ll review the best economy in Africa. Our ranking is based on each country’s gross domestic product (GDP). 

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7. Kenya

Nestled on the eastern coastline of Africa, Kenya is among the top seven African countries with the best economy. As a result of its tech innovation hub, agricultural transformation, and tourism treasure, Kenya’s GDP has been increasing.

6. Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s economic transformation has been remarkable. With a focus on infrastructure development, industrialization, agriculture, and manufacturing, the nation’s GDP has experienced consistent growth. The country’s 111.3 billion USD GDP placed them on number six among African countries with the best economy. 

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5. Morocco

Located at the northwest corner of the African continent, Morocco’s strategic position has fueled its role as a bridge for trade between Africa and Europe. Additionally, its investment in renewable energy, well-established ports and infrastructure, and the booming agricultural sector have improved its economic standing in Africa. 

4. Algeria

Algeria boasts significant natural resources, particularly in hydrocarbons. Its oil and gas reserves have historically been the backbone of its economy, contributing a substantial portion of its  163 billion USD GDP and export revenues.

3. Egypt

Located in the northeastern corner of Africa, Egypt is proof of humanity’s rich history and enduring spirit. The country leverages tourism and cultural treasures, global trade artery, agriculture, Nile’s bounty, and energy investments and infrastructure to improve its economy. 

Each of these sectors contributes heavily to its 404.1 billion USD. This places third on the list of seven countries with an economy in Africa. 

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2. South Africa

As an industrial leader and financial hub, South Africa commands a GDP of 407.49 USD Billion. The nation’s natural resources, well-developed financial sector, manufacturing sector, wildlife, and cultural heritage attract global investments and drive economic growth in the region.

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1. Nigeria

In the heart of West Africa, Nigeria stands tall as an economic colossus, wielding its influence across the continent. Nigeria’s abundance of natural resources, large population, and investment in agriculture, tech, and innovation hub contributes greatly to its 440.8 billion USD. 

An Overview of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

While there are many ways to compare countries’ wealth, GDP is among the best methods. It’s a financial yardstick that gauges the total economic output of a country within a specific time frame.

GDP is the sum of all goods and services produced, from the crops harvested to the software coded, within a nation’s borders. However, it’s crucial to remember that GDP doesn’t account for everything. 

It overlooks factors like income distribution, quality of life, and the informal economy that exists outside official records. You can get a book on Amazon to learn more about GDP. 

As Africa continues its economic growth and development journey, these seven countries stand as beacons of progress. While challenges persist, their strategic approaches and diverse industries set them apart in the ever-evolving economic landscape of the continent.

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