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How to Increase Your Child’s Memory Power in 5 Incredible Ways


“What’s your problem? I just told you about this not long ago. How many times do I have to repeat myself?”

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Those are some of the words that some people utter when their kids forget things, especially schoolwork. And African American people are no exception. Memory is vital part of building an excellent foundation for learning, both in the classroom and beyond. 

However, sharp memories aren’t what most people are born with. Here, we’ll discuss how to increase your child’s memory in five incredible ways. 

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Eat Healthily

Eating healthy foods significantly boosts a child’s memory power and helps them concentrate better. In their formative years, kids have greater energy requirements considering their active lifestyles in the playground, at school, and running around at home. 

They’re also in a stage where their brain is still developing fast. So, not eating healthy can affect their physical and mental health. A report from UNICEF shows that two in three kids between six months and two years aren’t fed foods that support their fast-growing brains and bodies, and this puts them at risk of poor brain development, weak learning, and low immunity. 

If you’re not sure about the type of healthy food to give your child, get a kiddie nutritional guide from the Amazon marketplace. 

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Encourage Your Child to Get Plenty of Sleep

Your kid’s brain needs enough sleep to restore the resources used during the day. A well-rested brain can learn new information, solve problems, and enjoy the day more than a tired brain. 

Some areas of children’s brains are more active when they’re sleeping. Here are a few things to know about children who consistently get enough sleep:

  • Concentrate on tasks longer
  • They’re creative
  • Have problem-solving abilities
  • They can learn and remember new things

Let Your Child Teach You   

Explaining how things work or how to do something involves making information understandable. Your child could have learned about an animal in school; sit and ask the kid to teach. 

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Teachers do this most times by pairing up students in class. This exercise helps them to start working with the information at their disposal right away instead of waiting to be called on. 

To buy pencils, whiteboards, markers, crayons, and other kiddies’ learning materials, check the Amazon marketplace. 

Work on Visualization Skills

Encourage your child to create a mental picture of what they heard or read. Let’s say it’s a Christmas season, and you want to decorate your home. Tell your kid the type of decoration you would love and ask the child to imagine what the house would look like and create a drawing or painting. 

As they get better at visualizing things, they can describe the image the image verbally instead of drawing it. Don’t forget to check Amazon for Christmas decorations, gifts, and other items. 

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Encourage Active Learning

Active learning requires engaging your children in activities that make them process information instead of just receiving it. Examples of active learning include participating in discussions, asking questions, and reading out loud. 

Engaging in active learning increases your child’s chances of retaining information and boosting memory power. Additionally, playing card games and other educative fun activities can help build working memory. 

Good memory is essential in dealing with the affairs of life. You want to ensure that your kids are smart enough to handle life’s challenges even if you aren’t present to help. One sure way to equip them is to help them boost their memory power. With these five tips, you can improve your kids’ memories. 

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