How to Harden Natural Nails for a Great Look


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If you’ve always wondered how to harden natural nails because yours always chip or break easily, you’re reading the right blog. Brittle and weak fingernails break off easily, especially if you keep your hands in water.

While brittle nails are a common problem, even among African Americans, there are effective remedies to harden natural nails. This situation can be frustrating and may affect your self-esteem, but don’t worry; there are solutions for you. There are cleaning products you can use.

During my girl’s outing, two of my friends shared fantastic ideas and products on how to harden natural nails. They had experienced weak nails but have strong, healthy nails now due to changes in their lifestyle. 

The tips below will guide you on how to harden natural nails. 

Please note that the information provided here shouldn’t be substituted for medical advice. This article is solely for educational purposes.

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8 Tips on How to Harden Natural Nails

Drink Enough Water

Woman-with-glass-water-is-smiling. Image source: Freepik
How to harden natural nails
Woman with glass water is smiling. Image source: Freepik

Staying hydrated is an important principle to staying healthy, youthful, and glowy. One way to harden natural nails is to drink about one to two liters of water daily. Drinking enough water helps harden your nails and keep them from breaking. 

Like water makes your skin look youthful, drinking water helps your nails absorb enough water and stay strong. It prevents discoloration and helps to maintain your nail shape and have strong nails.

Use Hand Moisturizers

You can also harden your natural nails by using hand cream or hand lotion on the nail cubicles. This prevents nail issues like impairment. 

One brand you should try is Plant Extract Hand Cream, on Amazon. These creams absorb nicely with no sticky feel and leave your hands feeling so soft with a great smell. This benefit extends to the nails, keeping them strong and healthy.

Another option is the Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Crème, which keeps your hands soft and your nails strong. It has a nice smell and is non-sticky.

Take Biotin Supplements

One medically proven option on how to harden natural nails is to take biotin supplements. These supplements contain various vitamins, especially Vitamin B7 which helps with hair and nail growth.

You should talk to your doctor if biotin supplements are okay for you before considering taking them.

Apply Nail Hardener

Nail hardeners help in strengthening your nails and allow them to grow naturally without constantly breaking. These are crystal-clear products or colored.

For the best results, apply two coats to the surface of your nails to harden them. Use Sozge Nail Strengthener nail hardener to strengthen your weak nails and aim for growth. This nail hardener has a light pink color to it, making it look like nail polish. This adds a chic vibe to make your hands look beautiful. 

Moreover, the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Hardener protects brittle nails with diamond strength. It contains a titanium formula that instantly bonds to strengthen and seal fragile nail layers with a nearly shatterproof, protective shield. You can use this nail hardener to virtually put an end to the breaking, splitting, and tearing of your nails.

You can also use Jamaican black castor oil and sea salt mix, as seen in this YouTube video below.

Video source: Hairitage93

Add High Protein to Your Diet

For healthy nails, protein is necessary. Your nails will not grow as strong if you are lacking in protein. The best way to treat it is to consume more protein in your diet. You can get excellent protein from lean meats, eggs, fish, and beans.

Also, add fatty acids and omega-3 in your diet.

Avoid Nail Polish Removers with Acetone

Acetone is the solvent in nail polish removers responsible for dissolving it faster. Most of the time, the acetone in nail polish removers is harsh and could cause further damage to weak nails. The result could be splitting, peeling, and breaking fingernails. 

To remove your nail polish, opt for a non-acetone polish remover like Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover

This polish remover makes the nail polish gummy in 30 seconds and begins to fall off. For best results, apply it and wait for 3 minutes, then use a steel cone or peeler scraper to gently scrub it off.

Reduce Gel and Acrylic Nails

Ladies wearing acrylic nails. Image source: Freepik
Ladies wearing acrylic nails. Image source: Freepik

Artificial nails, like acrylic and gel manicures, cause damage to your natural nails. Although they may offer cover for your damaged nails, you’re better off avoiding them, especially if you have weak natural nails. 

You can also give your natural nails a break for two to three weeks if you can’t do away with artificial nails. This will allow your nails to breathe and have room to grow.

Opt for Minimum Sanitizers

The peak of Covid-19 saw the use of hand sanitizers increase exponentially. This has become an everyday habit to the extent that some people will prefer it to washing their hands with soap under running water.

Constant use of sanitizers is beneficial but also harmful to the hands. These chemicals also affect your cuticles. You reduce the amount of sanitizer you use to avoid weakening your nails. 

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When should I see a doctor?

While these tips are beneficial, it’s best to consult your doctor before using some of them.  If you’ve also used some of these tips, like avoiding acetone and using nail hardener without results, talk to your health professional or dermatologist.

Dermatologists can help you make better health choices for stronger nails.

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