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Best 10 Gift Ideas for the Techy Dad – Father’s Day 2022


Father’s Day might have passed, but we are sure you’d still like to take some time out of your hectic schedules to make your dad feel special. We’re sure you’re overwhelmed with gratitude and looking for the best ways to express it, but why are dads the most difficult people to buy for? 

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They always seem to have everything they desire. Not to mention that they despise things that take up space in the house as “clutter.” So the only option is to give them useful items that they will appreciate. Something beneficial. Something “technical.”

Today’s list is for fathers who enjoy all things technological. The ones with the latest iPhones and cool gadgets you’ve never heard of? Whatever kind of dad you have in mind, we’re confident you’ll find at least a few items on this list that he doesn’t have. These gifts, which range from everyday affordable pieces to high-end luxury items, are sure to up Dad’s tech game.

Father’s Day 2022: Best 10 Gift Ideas for the Techy Dad

Nest Outdoor Cam

Source: Google

$180 at Google

Get your father a sleek new security camera that allows him to see everything that happens in or around the house. This weather-resistant camera alerts your phone to any movement, sounds, animals, and other events.



$17 at

A mini portable espresso maker is great for the on-the-go (it comes in a cute little pouch); it also works great for making a solid espresso at home without taking up a lot of counter space.

Aeroccino3 Black

Source: Nespresso

$99 at

That espresso might benefit from some fancy milk foam. To make the best at-home coffee, use the Nespresso milk frother.

Smart Light Bulbs

Source: Philips-hue

$35 at

With remote/app-controlled lights, you can change the ambiance of your room. Philips hue light bulbs are designed to fit almost any standard lamp.



$399 at Sonos

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Quality Bluetooth speakers can never go wrong. It’s beyond us how a tiny speaker like this can sound like it’s filling the room. But it works wonders and will undoubtedly bring a smile to his face.

Apple Watch Series 7

Source: Apple

$399 at Apple

Get Apple’s newest smartwatch, with full-screen capabilities and the sleekest design yet.

Quest 2

Source: Oculus

$299 at

Someone’s life is about to change as a result of this. This 350-degree virtual reality headset makes gaming more enjoyable than ever. The ideal present for the ultimate techie.

Beats by Dr. Dre True Wireless Headphones

Source: Walmart

$130 at

In terms of audio, upgrade the dad in question’s headphone game with Beats wireless headphones. These are an excellent option for someone who leads an active lifestyle because they are much more sturdy in the ear.

The Small Tracker

Source: TheTileApp

$30 at

A tracking device is an excellent choice for anyone who frequently forgets where they leave their essentials. If this father falls into this category, they will undoubtedly benefit from the tile tracker.

Cafe Rapid Toaster Stainless Steel

Source: Williams Sonoma

$120 at Williams Sonoma

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How stylish is this modern toaster? With this lovely present, he can look forward to making breakfast every morning.

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