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African-Inspired Gift Ideas For Black Moms – Mother’s Day 2022


Are you struggling with finding or deciding on the perfect Mother’s Day for your Black mom? Then this blog is for you. We’ve created a list of gift ideas for Black moms that will make your mother and every other beautiful woman around you feel blessed and truly loved. 

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Let’s get right into it!

Mother’s Day: Gift Ideas For Black Moms

Spa appointment 

Source: Rodnae productions/Pexels

Black sure doesn’t crack — but a great deal of pampering is necessary, something our mothers aren’t used to because they are too busy caring for everyone but themselves. 

Book a spa appointment for your mom, so she’ll get to relax and let go of pent-up stress. She can go in for a deep tissue massage, facial treatments, sugar waxing, hair care, nails, or any other spa treatment that will make her feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Breakfast in bed

Source: “Breakfast in bed #instaraw” by dckf_$êr@pH!nX is marked with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

If there’s anything we love our Black moms for, it’s their tasty meals. When we are away from them, we miss their cooking and how they pay attention to our nutrition. They usually spend hours in the kitchen invested in whipping up food that’ll keep the family nourished.

What better way to treat our special women on Mother’s Day than to keep them away from the kitchen and serve them for a full day (or week)? 

You can cook your mom’s favorite meals — or order some of her favorite African dishes if cooking isn’t one of your strengths — and add some wine or fruit drinks. Have her wake up to breakfast in bed on the morning of Mother’s Day. 

For extra points, attach a note about all the things you love about her, and you are sure to get her swooning all month long.

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New wig or hair extensions

Source: “Remy Indian Human Hair Extensions – Ultra Thick And Seamless” by gee374 is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

You know how Black women feel about their hair. Whether they are wearing it short or long, they always rock the h*ll out of it, and they know it! But having to tame and style Afro hair can be a hassle, which makes a new wig one of the best gift ideas for Black moms on Mother’s Day. 

Wigs are a great protective style, and we are sure your mom would love them. If not, you can opt for clip-on kinky hair in their curl pattern, loc hair extensions, or ponytail extensions. You also need to figure out what they’d like. Do they like their hair long, short, curly, straight, or bobbed? Is she all about colors — which one would suit her skin tone?

Shopping date

Source: Anastasia Shuraeva/Pexels

Gift your mom a shopping date to a fancy store or her favorite dress shop, and watch her revel in the feeling of being the happiest woman in the room. This is the perfect gift idea for a Black mom on Mother’s day, especially if she is a fashionista. 

You can have her try on different clothes while you admire her and let her know how pretty she is. Make her feel like she still has it because she does. Shower her with praises, love, and money.

Getaway trip

Source: Asad Photo Maldives/Pexels

With the amount of work that mothers put in every day to ensure that the home is running smoothly and everyone is feeling their best self, you know that there’s no perfect Mother’s Day gift for your black mom other than a quick getaway trip. 

Book a getaway trip for your mom to a nice city or an entirely different country they’ll find fascinating. Also, plan some fun activities like swimming, sightseeing, hiking, cooking classes, skiing, fine dining, or ice skating, so they don’t stay cooped in their hotel the whole time. 

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Selfcare package

African-Inspired Gift Ideas For Black Moms – Mother’s Day 2022
Source: Kagiso Mokalake/Pexels

This one is for the minimalist Black moms. Curate a cute box with different self-care items; it can include a heating pad, facial mask, scented candles, hair care products, hair removal cream, face cleanser, makeup, jewelry, cozy slippers, or loungewear.

The self-care package you prepare for her should feature items you know she loves and desires, so she’ll know that you put a lot of love and thought into organizing it. She’ll feel seen, and she’ll appreciate that you pay just as much attention to her as she does to you.

Chelsea Okonkwo
Chelsea Okonkwo
Chelsea Okonkwo is a freelance content strategist and writer passionate about health, wellness, and beauty. When she is not leveraging the power of storytelling to create highly informative content, you can find her binging Kdramas or fangirling some of her favorite actors.


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