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10 of the Best Restaurants in Nairobi to Explore

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Nairobi has been described as Africa’s Silicon Savannah. This means that millions of visitors from around the world arrive to do business and many more. This has led to the evolution of the city’s culinary scene, demonstrated by the emergence of different restaurants. 

Now that you are spoilt for choice, which restaurants should you go to in Nairobi? In this blog post, we list some of the best restaurants in Nairobi.  

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1.  Misono

Sushi served at Misono. Image Source: Instagram licensed under CC BY 2.0

Misono is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Nairobi. It’s located inside the Greenhouse Mall along Ngong Road. It’s beautifully decorated and everything about it screams Japanese. 

You might already have an idea of what their menu offers. Sushi, tuna rolls, salmon, miso soup, chicken teriyaki, and more. The restaurant is moderately priced. 

If you have a business meeting, you can take your clients. If you have an occasion or are just having a relaxed day, this place is the best.

2. Mercado Restaurant 

If you want to try some Mexican foods, go to the Mercado Restaurant in Westlands. The lighting in the restaurant makes for perfect dining at any time of day. Mercado’s menu offers different types of tacos, tamales, quesadillas, and burritos among other dishes. As for drinks, you can choose cocktails, mocktails, wines, or soft drinks. 

The restaurant is a bit pricey, but for those big occasions you have properly budgeted for, this is the kind of restaurant you want. 

3. Kilimanjaro Jamia

Kilimanjaro Jamia food. Image Source: Instagram licensed under CC BY 2.0

Located on Kimathi Street in the Central Business District, Kilimanjaro Jamia is one of the best restaurants in Nairobi. It’s also one of the most affordable. Their menu offers mainly local foods and some halal as it’s a Muslim restaurant. 

Here, you’ll satisfy your hunger by having biryani chicken. White pilau, chips, and wraps, among other dishes. The place has high traffic during lunch hours and the service is quite good. 

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4. Ankole Grill

Ankole Grill has two locations. One is in Kilimani and the other is in Kitisuru. The decor of the restaurant contributes to a great ambience. Ankole Grill is an affordable place to eat. A dish costs as low as $5. They have a takeaway menu and you can dine in if you wish. The menu has a lot of African dishes for you to enjoy. You can visit for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

5. ArtCaffe

There are a lot of ArtCaffe branches in Nairobi, making it convenient for you. Choose one, depending on your location. ArtCaffe is one of the best restaurants in Nairobi to have breakfast at. 

It offers different kinds of pastries, coffee, tea, and on the breakfast menus. If you want to go English or Spanish, check them out. That said, ArtCaffe offers a great evening experience with cocktail hour offers and a live band session.  

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6. Talisman Restaurant

The Talisman Restaurant serves some of the best international cuisines in Nairobi. It serves European, African, and Asian dishes though they might be pricey. The main dishes range from $14 upwards, starter’s pricing is from $10 and desserts start at $8. 

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Some of their dishes include sushi, burgers, prawns, and tasty desserts like white and dark chocolate cake. The ambience makes for a great day out with your family. It’s green and vibrant, plus the restaurant has amazing decor that gives it a vintage feel. 

7. The Carnivore

The Carnivore is the best restaurant in Nairobi to enjoy nyama choma or barbecue. It’s the most popular meat joint in the city. Their selection of meat is unrivalled, and the way they make it is perfect. It’s perfect for a weekend out with friends and family.  The Carnivore is located on Langata Road. You can’t miss out on it. 

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8. Hemingways Restaurant

Hemingways Collection Sunday Brunch. Image Source: Instagram licensed under CC BY 2.0

 If money is not a problem for you, the Hemingways Restaurant is the kind of restaurant you want to go to. It’s located in Karen, and from there, you can see the Ngong Hills and Karen Blixen Museum and enjoy the golden sunset. Hemingway’s menu offers the best of international cuisines. The prices start at $20 and can go as high as you’d like it to.  

One of the reasons why this restaurant is pricey is its environment. It’s away from the city and offers world-class services to its guests.

9. INTI – A Nikkei Experience 

We don’t only go to restaurants to eat. The environment matters as well. If you want an experience like no other, you must go to the INTI – A Nikkei located in Westlands. As you wine and dine, you’ll enjoy the Nairobi skyline from your seat and for lovebirds, INTI – A Nikkei is one of the most romantic spots to take your date. 

The menu is wide. You’ll be served with sushi, marinated skewers, ceviche, and tempura. Also, the restaurant serves vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free choices. The drinks menu is amazing, from cocktails to wines and so much more. 

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10. 360 Degrees Artisan Pizza

For pizza lovers, 360 Degrees Artisan Pizza at ABC Place along Waiyaki Way is the place to go. They prepare pizza in a wood-burning oven that makes your order crispy and chewy. 360 Degrees prides itself on using ingredients sourced from Italy to make its food. To wash that out, 360 has a variety of Italian wines. It is a pocket-friendly restaurant with food costing $4 upwards. 

Those are the best restaurants in Nairobi to eat at. Have you visited any of them?

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