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12 Surefire Tips for Saving Money on Groceries


Groceries often take up a large chunk of most households’ overall shopping budget, and this expense can result from the high cost of goods and the number of mouths to feed. But there’s good news; you can save while grocery shopping!

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This article highlights some surefire tips for saving money on groceries. Keep reading to find out.

12 Tips for Saving Money on Groceries

  1. Buy your groceries once a week
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If you visit the grocery store every day of the week, you will most likely spend more on shopping. So you need to limit your shop visit by having a target for the week.

  1. Create a shopping list 

Creating a shopping list is crucial because it keeps you prudent and encourages frugal spending. With a shopping list, you are less likely to go beyond your budget or buy impulsively.

  1. Do not go to the grocery store with an empty stomach 

You avoid buying items out of self-hunger when you go to the grocery store with a full stomach. So when next you plan to go grocery shopping, have a meal first.

  1. Compare and contrast the prices for goods between different stores

Shopping between two stores helps you save some extra cash. By navigating between stores, you get to discover which store sells the essentials you need for less and enables you to save more. 

  1. Shop less popular brands

More often than not, most grocery stores put the expensive popular brands at eye level. This way, consumers don’t miss such brands and are tempted to make outrageous purchases.

However, the shelf’s bottom has unknown brands whose products are of the same quality and even cheaper than that of the famous brands.

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  1. Make your purchases with a rebate app
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If you’re looking to spend less and even earn rewards for shopping, using rebate apps is your best fit. Numerous rebate apps, like Ibotta, offer cash-back incentives for your grocery purchases.

However, to enroll in some apps, you might need a loyalty card to link to or provide transaction receipts in exchange for rebates.

  1. Come with a reusable shopping bag

Sometimes bringing your shopping bags can earn you a discount. Whole Foods Market is one of many stores that gives a 10% discount on your order total per shopping bag you carry.

  1. Buy whole items, not pre-packaged

Shredded vegetables and other pre-packaged foods make cooking more convenient, but most stores charge more for such comfort. However, you can save more on veggies when you purchase them whole. You can keep them frozen to preserve them.

  1. Look out for juicy promotions

Most supermarkets run a sales campaign monthly to highlight particular goods like milk, ice cream, and more. Be on the lookout for such sales. If you’re lucky, you might find some of the expensive items you want to buy at such sales for less money.

  1. Become a member of a loyalty program

Often, supermarkets offer reward programs (loyalty programs) for their buyers to join. It is usually free to join and has a lot of benefits, such as access to specific discounts given to members only. Becoming a member of such programs helps you save on your purchase. 

  1.  Meal planning permanently saves the day
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This tip is similar to creating a shopping list. However, the idea is to plan your meals. By preparing your meals for every day of the week, you get to visit the groceries once. Also, your plans could coincide with days when some items are up for promotion.

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  1. Clipping coupons isn’t old school

Some people believe clipping coupons is old school, but it isn’t, as there is an improved digital way of obtaining coupons. Brands often send out newsletters with coupon codes. You can use these codes at checkout. You can also load the coupons into your favorite grocery shop digital loyalty card.

With the persistent rise in inflation, it is crucial to note that most of these tips for saving money on groceries won’t protect your budget. However, these tips will help you avoid spending unnecessarily on groceries.

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