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Childhood Trauma in Adulthood: 6 Signs That Could Affect You


Please note that the information provided here shouldn’t be substituted for medical advice. This article is solely for educational purposes.

If you experienced childhood trauma, you may likely have some amount of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) later in life. Sometimes, you may feel like something about you isn’t just okay. 

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You may respond to people and situations in a manner that you understand. Then you wonder if anything happened that made you respond that way. Continue reading to discover six symptoms of childhood trauma in adulthood.

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Strong Unexplainable Reactions

4 Ways to Heal From Your Past. Video Credit: @TherapyinaNutshell

Childhood trauma can make you feel off about someone immediately when you meet them. Your body and mind quickly warn you that the person isn’t safe even though you’re just meeting them for the first time. 

Due to this feeling, your body may move into a more protective stance. Sometimes, you may even feel a strong rush to leave the situation. Your reactions may be because the person or situation reminds you of the trauma you experienced in the past

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Strong Emotional Shift

Generally, people find it difficult to control emotions at the best of times. For those who witnessed trauma at an early age, it’s an even more serious battle. 

If you’re suffering from repressed childhood trauma, you may find that you get extremely upset by other people’s everyday actions. You quickly move from being relaxed and at ease to being full of fear or anger just because of a little thing. The reason is because that little thing reminds you of your childhood experiences. 

Feeling Anxious in New Environment 

Places can also induce anxiety, stress, and fear in someone with childhood trauma experience. When you had your traumatizing experience, your brain recorded everything, including sound, smell, and color. 

Hence, being in an environment that’s similar to your repressed childhood memories can activate the deep fear within you and make you shift into flight mode. You can get one or two books from Amazon to learn the best ways to manage the situation. 

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Inability to Manage Stressful Situations

The Three Best Ways to Treat Trauma and PTSD. Video Credit: Doctor Ali Mattu

Generally, life presents seemingly regular stress. It’s part of a typical adult experience. However, people who experience trauma at an early age often find it difficult to deal with these everyday events. They often lash out or try to hide from them. 

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You’ll find someone who experienced childhood trauma lashing out at others or throwing tantrums at others when things don’t go as planned. 

Attachment Issues 

Early age trauma experience can make you have a strong fear of abandonment. Attachment problems can result from developmental disruptions caused by traumatic experiences.

You may discover that you easily get attached to certain people and become afraid or upset about them leaving. Even if it’s your spouse leaving for a business trip or your friend going on a holiday, it causes a strong anxiety or fear.

Showing Childish Reactions

It’s normal for an adult to display childish behavior once in a while. But when it happens often and you discover that you regress into a child-like mood, you may be dealing with adverse reactions. In most cases, it’s a sign that you’re dealing with repressed childhood memories.

The reactions could be that you speak in a child-like tone, throw tantrums, and are very stubborn about little issues. All these reactions show that you have memories that you’re yet to unlock.

A traumatizing event witnessed by a child could live with the person forever. Trauma in childhood not only constitutes emotional, physical, or sexual abuse but exposure to traumatic events as well. 

These events could be when a child witnesses violence within a community, an accident, or a natural disaster. Check out these books on Amazon to learn more about trauma and ways to manage it better. 

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