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Malone Mukwende: The Amazing Medic Bringing Change to the Treatment of Black Skin Issues


Malone Mukwende is a Zimbabwe-born award-winning medical student living in London and the founder of Black and Brown Skin. He developed a clinical handbook that addresses how disease symptoms appear on Black and Brown skin. 

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Over 400,000 people use the handbook in more than 170 countries worldwide. Furthermore, “Malone” and “Mind the Gap” have been featured in several renowned press houses, including Elle MagazinesTime, Good Morning America, The Washington Post, and the House of Lords

Read on to learn about this young black medical inventor who’s bringing change to the treatment of black skin issues. 

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How Malone Mukwende’s Journey Began 

When Malone started classes at St George’s, University of London, he noticed that almost all the data and images used in teaching were based on the case studies of white patients. But in reality, medical symptoms can appear differently on black and darker skin, leading to suffering, wrong diagnosis, or even death. Check these books on the effect of wrong diagnosis out on Amazon

As a student, Malone Mukwende launched a handbook, “Mind the Gap” and “Hutano”, an online platform built to help empower black people with knowledge about their health. Since Malone launched Hutano in 2021, Neutrogena has sponsored it, and people from over 170 countries worldwide have used it. 

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Impact of Malone Mukwende’s Work and Achievements

Malone’s work has been a catalyst in redefining what’s proper in the healthcare system. It has led to systematic changes in healthcare services and hospitals worldwide. A typical example is that NHS 111 in the United Kingdom reviewed its call system which usually assumed that a caller would be a white person. 

The Zimbabwe-born has worked with some of the Big 4 Tech, delivered a talk at Google, and a TEDx Talk. Additionally, he has also spoken at some of the world’s leading healthcare companies, including Takeda, Roche, and Merck. To learn more about black skin issues get one or two books from Amazon

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Since the launch of his innovative idea, Malone Mukwende has gone to different Universities to talk about his work. University of Oxford and Cambridge are some of the prestigious Universities Malone has given talks about his work in the United Kingdom. 

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In addition to the Universities in the United Kingdom, Malone has also given talks internationally. The countries he has given talk about his work include the United States, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, and Australia.

In February 2021, Malone Mukwende was voted the Number 1 Future Leader, a yearly publication which profiles 150 of the United Kingdom’s most outstanding African and African Caribbean students and new graduates. at the 2021 Zimbabwe Achievers event, Malone also received the Young Achiever award. 

In the healthcare system across the globe, many inequalities exist that disproportionately affect black and brown people. Malone Mukwende is one of those young black people who have taken the challenge upon themselves to address these issues. 

His impact and achievements are celebrated globally. If you’re inspired by Malone’s wonderful achievements, you get books from Amazon to learn about other young black people who are making impacts in different sectors globally. 

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