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15 Black Vegan Bloggers and Influencers to Follow This Veganuary


Despite the increasing popularity of the vegan lifestyle, there are few black vegan bloggers, thus underrepresented in the conversation. African Americans find it challenging to adopt a vegan lifestyle fully. And if you adopted the lifestyle, there is a 1 in 100 chance of getting stigmatized. 

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However, many black vegans are breaking down these barriers and making a positive impact. And mind you, some of your favorite black celebrities are vegans!

So, do not allow these social stigmas to force you to rethink your new love for plant-based diets. These bloggers are passionate about promoting a plant-based diet and use their platforms to raise awareness about the intersection of veganism and social justice issues. They also provide delicious vegan food recipe ideas and tips on sustainable living. Besides, they inspire others to think about the vegan lifestyle in a more accessible and relatable way. 

With this in mind, we’ve compiled the 15 best black vegan bloggers and influencers making a difference and are worth following this Veganuary.

10 Black Vegan Bloggers to Follow

Traycee McQuirter

Tracye McQuirter is a renowned vegan blogger and public health nutritionist. She is also an author of a best-selling book on veganism, with features in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, VegNews, BBC, and Forbes.

With 34 years of experience as a vegan, she is a true expert in plant-based living and dishes. For this, she’s dedicated to teaching others how to embrace and love the vegan lifestyle.

Check out her books on Amazon.

Tomi Makanjuola

Tomi Makanjuola is a London-based blogger and chef born in Nigeria. She founded The Vegan Nigerian blog to distribute black vegan cookbooks worldwide. Ms. Makanjuola also has a YouTube channel where she shares up-to-date information on vegan lifestyles and recipes.

Michelle Blackwood

Michelle Blackwood is the brains behind Healthier Steps, a blog focusing on healthy living and eating. The blog features recipes for food made from natural ingredients. Her recipes are vegetable-focused and gluten-free vegan meals.

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Jenné Claibone

Jenné Claiborne is the creator of SweetPotatoSoul, a popular blog featuring delicious vegan recipes, cooking tutorials, and helpful eating tips. She is also the vegan cookbook author of Sweet Potato Soul, celebrating her love for this versatile lifestyle.

Jessica Hylton-Leckie

Jessica Hylton-Leckie is a professional black vegan blogger with a photography and videography career. She is the founder of the popular vegan good blog; Jessica in the Kitchen.

Every week on the blog is a new and inspiring vegetarian inspiration for curious veggies. Jessica is always giving a lot based on her discoveries.

Desirée of ICanYouCanVegan

Source: ICanYouCanVegan

Desirée is the food blogger for ICanYouCanVegana food blog centered on encouraging vegans with exciting ways to cook vegan recipes. Also, the blog encourages non-vegetarians to adopt a loving attitude towards a vegetarian lifestyle or the plant-based recipes

The blog was born out of a Netflix documentary that changed her life called Food Choices.

Afia Amoako

Afia Amoako is a Ghanaian-born, Canadian-based vegan content creator and blogger. She is the writer behind the blog, TheCanadianAfrican

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The black vegan blogger shares some of the best recipes with deep roots in Ghanaian culture.

Haile Thomas

Source: Haile Thomas

Haile Thomas is a wellness activist, content creator, and author of a book on vegan diets titled Living Lively. Haile’s interest in wellness and vegetables came from the turnaround her father experienced with his type-2 diabetes by sticking to a plant-based diet.

The name of her blog is almost after her name but with a slight modification, HailevThomas.

Michael and Masa

Michael and Masa are black vegan food bloggers for Minimalist Vegan. Their blog contains articles on sustainable living, veganism, and adopting a minimalist lifestyle.

Jerrelle & Eric

Jerrelle and Eric are professional black vegan bloggers for the blog, Chocolate for BasilThe blog contains several delicious food items on display, including gluten-free, vegan chocolates, pilau masala, and others.

5 Black Vegan Influencers to Follow in 2023

Persia White

source: Instagram

Persia White is a black vegan influencer and animal rights advocate. She co-produced the powerful documentary Earthlings, which has significantly impacted people’s perspectives on vegetarianism and animal exploitation.

Through her platform, she continues to raise awareness about the dangers of using animals for food and clothing, encouraging others to adopt a plant-based food lifestyle instead.


Source: Instagram

RZA, producer, singer, rapper, and filmmaker, is a vegan influencer who advocates for a plant-based lifestyle. He encourages others to see animals as friends, not food, preaching the gospel of healthy living as a vegetarian.

Erykah Badu vegan

Source: Self

Erykah is a media personality and a seasoned vegan who uses her platform to share her experiences and advocate for the black community to adopt a plant-based meal planning. Erykah is a strong voice in the community, constantly promoting the benefits of a vegan diet and encouraging others to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Omowale Adewale

Source: Black Vegfest 

Meet Omowale Adewale, the mastermind behind Black Vegfest – a vegan festival that celebrates and uplifts the voices of the black community in New York City. As the founder, Omowale believes in the powerful connection between black culture and veganism.

And his festival is a platform for members of the black community to come together, learn, and share their experiences with plant-based living.

Tabitha Brown

Source: Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown is a black vegan social media influencer on a mission to educate and inspire the black community about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Through her TikTok and Instagram accounts, she shares delicious vegan recipes, tips for maintaining a healthy vegetarian lifestyle, and her journey toward veganism. 

Tabitha is a voice for the black community in the vegan movement, and her relatable and approachable style makes it easy for anyone to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, these black vegan voices will provide you delicious recipes, tips for living sustainably, and inspiration to stay committed to your vegan lifestyle. So watch their YouTube videos or read their resources in their respective Twitter accounts. Follow them and let’s make 2023 the year of plant-based living!

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