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Black-Owned Wineries in the United States and Around the World


In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in promoting and patronizing Black-owned businesses in various sectors. Among these industries is the wine industry, where Black-owned wineries are gaining recognition for their exceptional blends and inventive methods of crafting wine.

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Despite facing challenges such as limited access to capital and resources, these winemakers are breaking barriers and producing high-quality wines that are gaining recognition nationally and internationally. 

This article will explore the world of Black-owned wineries and highlight some talented winemakers making a mark in the industry.

Black-Owned Wineries Worth Supporting

According to Oprah Daily, less than 1% of the over 11,000 wineries in the US are Black-owned. Supporting these wineries is vital for promoting diversity and inclusion in the predominantly white wine industry, offering opportunities for underrepresented communities, and increasing representation.

So, join us as we celebrate diversity and support these inspiring Black winemakers!


Legend Vineyard Exclusive Wines, LVE Wines, is a brand of wines founded by musician John Legend and winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset. 

Source: Lve Wines

The story behind LVE Wines is one of passion, creativity, and a shared love of great wine. In 2007, the pair crossed paths and connected through their love for music and shared goal of crafting a refined and easy wine.

The brand features a range of red and white wines from grapes grown in Napa Valley and Sonoma County, known for their balance, complexity, and smooth finish.

Bridge Lane Wine

Bridge Lane Wine is a more affordable offering from Lieb Cellars, a family-owned winery in Long Island, New York, renowned for its high-quality wines. Founded in 1992 by Mark Lieb and his wife, the winery purchased an 84-acre property and introduced the Bridge Lane label in 2010. 

The wine is made with sustainably farmed grapes and minimal intervention winemaking techniques. Bridge Lane Wine comes in four varieties: a white blend, rosé, red blend, and Chardonnay, all designed to be approachable without compromising quality.

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Zafa Wines

Zafa Wines is a small winery based in Vermont, USA, known for producing natural wines with minimal intervention. The story behind Zafa Wines begins with winemaker Krista Scruggs, a Californian winemaker who moved to Vermont to pursue her passion for winemaking.

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Her approach to winemaking stems from her experience growing up in a farming community. She uses only locally grown grapes and allows natural fermentation without commercial yeasts or chemicals. Zafa Wines’ unique and flavorful wines reflect the Vermont terroir, and Krista’s commitment to sustainability and innovative approach to winemaking has made her a rising star in the wine world.

McBride Sisters

The McBride Sisters, Andrea and Robin are two African American sisters born and raised on opposite sides of the world. Andrea grew up in California, and Robin in Marlborough, New Zealand. Despite being separated by thousands of miles and having different upbringings, the sisters shared a common passion for wine.

Andrea and Robin reunited in 1999, discovered their shared love of wine, and decided to start their own wine company, the McBride Sisters Collection. 

Today, the McBride Sisters continue to break down barriers and inspire others to pursue their passions, no matter their obstacles.

Aslina Wines

Aslina Wines was founded by Ntsiki Biyela, South Africa’s first Black female winemaker, in 2016. Biyela worked for 13 years at Stellekaya Wines after receiving a winemaking scholarship. Her goal with Aslina Wines is to create wines that showcase her African heritage and the potential of South Africa’s wine industry.

Source: Aslina Wines

Today, Aslina Wines is a thriving business testament to Biyela’s passion and determination. Aslina Wines produces several award-winning wines, including a Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Bordeaux-style blend.

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Ole’ Orleans Winery

Kim Lewis founded Ole’ Orleans Winery in 2000 after experimenting with wine-making for years. She was inspired by the abundance of fruit in the region and the lack of wineries producing fruit wines. 

The winery specializes in producing fruit wines made from local ingredients such as satsumas, blueberries, and blackberries and continues to expand its offerings and distribute its wines throughout Louisiana and beyond.

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There are more Black-owned wineries across the world, too numerous to mention. However, we have selected a few below that may interest you:

Black-Owned Wineries in California 

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Black-Owned Wineries in South Africa

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