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Black Festivals: 10 Things to Pack

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If you’re a seasoned festival goer, you will know the must-haves you can’t do without when attending these kinds of events. Regardless of the type of black festivals you’re attending, whether it’s the One Music Festival, the Chale Wote Street Art Festival, or the Yam Festival, these 10 items should make it on your festival checklist. 

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1. Cash

Cash in a wallet. Image Source: Photo by Pixabay licensed under CC BY 2.0

We might be living in the age of cashless transactions but having some hard cash is always a lifesaver. The festival venue could be far from the ATMs, so most purchases will be done via cash. Avoid the misery of having your friends pay stuff for you or, worse, getting stranded. Plus, cash enables you to buy things not offered by the event.

2. Carry Your Gadgets 

Laptop, iPad, and Phones. Image Source: Photo by Pixabay licensed under CC BY 2.0

Your power banks, chargers, dongles, and laptops are essential items you’ll need when going to black festivals. You’ll be taking a lot of pictures and need to be online or at least reachable. You can have a spare phone or anything that’ll make sure you are plugged in. 

3. Carry Some Snacks and Dry Foods

Nuts in a bowl. Image Source: Photo by Mehran B licensed under CC BY 2.0

Even though you’ll have money to buy whatever’s offered at the festivals, carrying your snacks and dried foods is an alternative you should consider. Pack some energy bars and drinks, fruits, grains, and anything that’s not perishable. 

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4. Bring Some Warm Clothes

Folded cardigan. Image Source: Photo by Dom J licensed under CC BY 2.0

Black festivals are highly engaging. As much as you’ll be on your feet and feel like you’ll not need a sweater, the nights might be very punishing. Ensure you have heavy jackets, blankets, and anything to keep you warm. 

5. Tents

A green tent. Image Source: Photo by Raj Tatavarthy, licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you don’t have a place you’ve rented out or don’t want to occupy the tents offered, ensure you get one that’ll almost feel like a little house. Hight enough to accommodate you and perhaps big enough for more than one person. You never know. Chances are that you’ll make some friends and can invite them over to your tent.

6. Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bag under the tents. Image Source: Photo by Andrew Main Oster, licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you don’t have a good night’s sleep, regardless of how much fun you’re having during the day, your overall experience might not be pleasant. This is the reason why a good sleeping bag is important. Go for one that’s durable, large enough to spread out and can be used in different temperatures. Check out some of these from Amazon.

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7.  Water Bottle

A purple water bottle. Image Source: Photo by Julia Sakelli, licensed under CC BY 2.0

After all the fun and games, dancing, and running around, you’ll need to hydrate and rehydrate often. Have a plastic water bottle with you. You might want to take the chance and buy one when you arrive, but that might be a bad idea. What if there aren’t any being sold? 

Furthermore, if you take alcohol, you will need water in plenty for those mornings or even nights to rehydrate your system. 

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8. Toiletries

Two packs of toilet paper. Image Source: Photo by Frank Ouyang licensed under CC BY 2.0

The smallest of things make the biggest differences. You’ll want to be self-sufficient in this department and not stall your morning preparations because you lack toothpaste or running out. Have enough of everything from deodorants to smell nice, toilet rolls because we all need one, different types of towels, sunscreen, and wipes, among other essentials. 

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9. Pillow

Pillow. Image Source: Photo by Jens Mahnke licensed under CC BY 2.0

We all use pillows, whether using our cosy beds at home, during sleepovers, or camping. This black festival isn’t an exception. Look for one that has a good density and will support your head comfortably. The last thing you want to do is use your sweaty clothes as pillows. For one, it’s uncomfortable, and the smell will make your stomach turn.

10. Different Types of Bags

An ideal backpack to carry to the festival. Image Source: Photo by Matthew Fournier on Unsplash

Anyone going to a black festival with only one bag is a novice. You’ll need more than one and, more importantly, different styles. Ladies will require a crossbody bag to hold things like lip balms, makeup, combs, tissue, sanitiser, plus more. Anyone will need a backpack to make walking easier. A big one with a lot of compartments will carry a lot of stuff. If you need extra things, a big tote bag will save the day. 

Those are our 10 essential things to pack when attending a black festival. Having everything you need ensures that you’ll enjoy your time and not have to stress about little things. Have a blast! 

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