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These 7 Black Female Visual Artists Are Taking the World by Storm


When it comes to arts, black females might just be the most underrepresented group. Over the years, they’ve used art to capture the pain, joy, and bliss of black culture. 

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From revolutionary artists like Gwendolyn Knight and Alma Thomas to new rising ones, black women are leaving their marks in figurative and abstract painting. Here are the seven black female visual artists taking the world by storm. Her work is available on Amazon

Jennifer Packer

Contemporary African-American painter and educator Jennifer Packer is celebrated for her paintings and drawings that combine observation, memory, and improvisation. Jenniffer has been inspired by social justice movements. 

It can be seen through her paintings and drawings showing institutional violence against black people and the resulting grief. In 2013, Packer made art featuring body parts like knees, fingers, and sticking-out jaw lines of straining bodies coming from the haze. 

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Genesis Tramaine

Genesis Tramaine is a self-taught artist who has drawn since she was a child. She’s popular for her exceptional artwork about black people. 

Tramaine is a vocal Christian who boldly talks about her source of divine inspiration. She uses her artworks to capture biblical figures and saints with graffiti-inflected urgency and eye-popping color. 

Jordan Casteel

Jordan Casteel is an African-American figurative painter. In her artwork, she captures identity, sexuality, subjectivity, and humanity. 

She has almost completely painted black subjects, usually in different skin tones according to the light surrounding the sitter from the photographs she takes of her sitters. Many times, her approach and bold use of color have been compared to painters Nancy Spero, Jacob Lawrence, and Henri Matisse.

Ebony G. Patterson

When it comes to black female artists who are leaving footprints in the art world, Ebony Grace Patterson name rings a bell. She’s a Jamaican-born educator and educator.

Ebony Grace Patterson is well-known for her colorful and large work made out of faux flowers, glitter, beads, fabric, and jewelry. 

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Since 2007, Grace has been an associate professor in Painting and Mixed Media at the University of Kentucky. Her artworks have been promoted and shown in many group and solo exhibitions in the United States and Jamaica. 

Sofía Gallisá Muriente

Sofia Gallisa Muriente is a Puerto Rican visual artist. She works mainly with photography, text, video, and film.

Gallisa earned a BFA in Film at New York University in 2008. Her work examines popular imaginaries, informal and formal archives, and visual culture.

She has been exhibited at the Whitney Biennial,  ifa Gallery Berlin, the Queens Museum, and the Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires. 

Sofia Gallisa Muriente has also been featured on the Art in America, the New York Times, Hyperallergic, and Terremoto. Now, she’s a fellow of the Annenberg Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California. 

Tony Gum

At age 20, Tony Gum carved out a niche for herself. She’s a South African photographer. Gum started her career by posting selfies on Instagram. Within a short time, her effort grew into a fully professional art career. In 2017, she received the Miami Beach Pulse Prize. 

Wangechi Mutu

Wangechi Mutu is a Kenyan-born American visual artist. She’s primarily known for her sculpture, performance, film, and painting. Although born in Kenya, Wangech Mutu has lived and built her career in New York City. 

As an artist, Wangechi has exhibited sculptural installations. She’s among the top black artists of African descent that has taken the world by storm with their creative works. 

The art industry has always been dominated by whites and males, but slowly things are beginning to improve. Women are beginning to have a voice in the industry. And the seven black female visual artists are among those taking the world by storm. Platforms like Amazon are also making it easy for them to showcase and sell their artworks online.

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