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7 Facts About Africa Egg-Eating Snake


Have you ever heard of a snake that prefers eggs over anything else? Well, get ready to learn about them! These slippery reptiles have some seriously egg-citing secrets that we’re about to uncover. Read on to uncover these seven facts about Africa egg-eating snakes. 

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Eggstraordinary Diet

These slithery creatures are like the egg connoisseurs of the animal kingdom. While most snakes munch on mice and other critters, these snakes have a taste for something eggs-tra special.

These snakes skip the usual snake menu and go straight for eggs. They use their skills to find bird nests, where they can snack on eggs instead of hunting down more traditional meals. It’s all part of their extraordinary way of life – and it makes them stand out in the snake world! 

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Egg-Cracking Pros

The Africa egg-eating Snake is a master at cracking open bird eggs with its  jaw. Its jaw can stretch and move in ways that make egg cracking look like a piece of cake. 

During mealtime, these snakes use their jaws to apply pressure to the eggshell gently. Just a little bit of pressure and crack! The shell gives way, revealing the contents inside.

Egg-Sperts in Disguise

These slithering wonders are like undercover agents in the wild. With their patterns and colors, they blend seamlessly into their surroundings. It’s like wearing the perfect invisibility cloak! This sneaky skill helps them hide near bird nests where they find their favorite food – eggs.

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Super Swallowers

These snakes can gobble up eggs way bigger than their heads. Their throats are like stretchy rubber bands, allowing them to quickly slurp down those egg-shaped meals.

Once this snake picks a particular egg, it’ll wrap its jaws around it. Then, use molecular contractions to push the egg into its stomach. Their lack of teeth also helps make the swallowing process easy. 

Smell With Tongue

Instead of a nose like ours, these snakes rely on their tongues to catch scents in the air. They flick their tongues out and gather tiny scent particles from the environment. Then, they pull their tongues back in and press them against a part of their mouth called Jacobson’s organ. This organ helps them process all the scent information they’ve collected.

Regurgitate the Shell

Once they’re done with the content, they use their muscles to contract their bodies in a way that makes them regurgitate the eggshell. This helps ensure they take in as many nutrients as possible and eliminate waste. 

Climb Trees

Part of what makes these snakes successful egg hunters is that they aren’t confined to the ground. They can slither up trees with surprising ease. Their scales have tiny hooks that grip onto tree bark, giving them a firm hold as they navigate the heights. This skill helps them reach bird nests that might be tucked away in tree branches.

In the wild world of snakes, the Africa Egg-Eating Snake stands out as a fascinating and unique creature. From their egg-cracking prowess to their camouflage skills, these snakes are full of surprises. You can find a book on Amazon about Africa egg-eating snakes if you want to learn more about them.

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