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Who Has the Best Handles in the NBA?


If you’ve ever played basketball, you most likely know ball handling isn’t easy. Synchronizing your movement with the ball is an art that few can master. Some NBA players have perfected this and watching them is a treat. Which players have the best handles in the NBA? Read on.

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Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving’s ball-handling skills. Video Credit: Golden Hoops

Kyrie Irving has the best handles in the NBA. He toys with the opponent as he dribbles the ball from his left to his right hand, going through players and making successful shots.

Irving’s style of play includes good body control and balance, which allows him to glide through the court majestically. He’s not a one-trick pony, and this unpredictability makes him interesting to watch.

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Stephen Curry

Who Has the Best Handles in the NBA?
Steph Curry with the ball. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-2.0

When Steph Curry has the ball, we expect to see him throw the threes but, he’s also got amazing ball-handling skills. Curry gets defenders spinning, dropping a leg in front to side-step them to make a move forward.

If not, he’s dummying a shot to line up the real one. And chances are, it’s a three-shot which he almost always scores. It’s delightful to watch the man who made three-pointers do his thing. He’s twice been named the NBA scoring champion.

Chris Paul

Who Has the Best Handles in the NBA?
Chris Paul dribbling across the court. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-2.0

Nicknamed the point God, Chris Paul is among the best ball handlers in the NBA. He’s not afraid of driving into the scoring area. The player handles the ball well, swinging it along to create space for shots. He plays for the Golden State Warriors after playing for the Phoenix Suns and other teams.

Jamal Crawford

Who Has the Best Handles in the NBA?
Jim Crawford is on the court. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-SA-2.0

Crawford joins the list of the best handles in the NBA, having left his competitors on the floor. He’s a quick dribbler and takes only a few moves to get a defender confused. The shooting guard played for the Chicago Bulls and the Golden State Warriors among other teams.

Allen Iverson 

Allen Iverson’s ball handling skills. Video Credit: House of Hoops

The ball stuck on Allen Iverson like glue. He took out opposing players with his lethal crossovers, getting them off balance and making his way to the basket. Iverson was swift and took a lot of concentration for defenses to keep up. He was the scoring champion four times, an All-NBA player seven times and the MVP once.

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Tim Hardaway

Tim Hardaway game highlights. Video Credit: BTM Basketball Time Machine

Tim Hardaway produced one of the most devastating crossovers. He quickly shuffled from one foot to the other while simultaneously moving the ball. This caught defenders off guard, giving him space to close in on the basket and score. The point guard scored 15,373 points in his career.

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Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas in a game. Video Credit: 4 the win

Thomas was a showman. His ball-handling ability was next to none, and he did all kinds of things on the floor. Going down on one knee on the court while bouncing the ball and then wrong-stepping the opponent made him a delight to watch.

Plus, he was almost always moving, pushing the defender back into his court. This gave him the upper hand as he often changed pace suddenly, forcing a reaction, and opening up space for a layup or shot. This made him one of the best handles in the NBA.

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Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson’s playing skills. Video Credit: Nonstop

Magic Johnson entertained NBA fans. His movement and passing skills were some of the best of his time. Johnson was effective in driving play forward and every time he was in possession, he made the right choices.

His court vision enabled him to create chances for others and score when he had to. ‘Magic at the back’ was a common phrase commentators used to describe him moving the ball across his body when his team attacked. 

The best handles in the NBA spice up the game. Instead of passing the ball to the next available teammate, these players have shown their skills, creating some of the best moments in the league’s history. Who do you enjoy watching?

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