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Ranking 2024 F1 Liveries: The Good, Bad & Ugly


If you’re interested in car design and color schemes, we bet you’ve got an opinion on the 2024 F1 liveries. Every season, F1 teams unveil their new machines with several changes, including the bodywork, art and design, to comply with updated and new regulations.

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An emerging trend has seen F1 teams letting carbon fiber take space and not painting to comply with weight regulations. This leaves the cars looking similar and almost bare. Which team made a masterpiece? Who made a mess? And who was bold enough to break the norm?

We rank the 2024 F1 liveries from the best to the worst. 

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Aston Martin AMR24

Drivers: Fernando Alonso & Lance Stroll

Aston Martin hasn’t changed much and it shouldn’t because of its timeless green theme. The Aston Martin AMR24 has one of the best 2024 F1 liveries on the grid and the highlights of yellow lines make it pop. The names of the sponsors Aramco sit subtly on the chassis and gently blend in with everything else. What more could you ask for?

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Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber C44

Drivers: Zhou Guanyu & Valtteri Bottas

Sauber decided to rebrand. Apart from adopting its sponsor’s name, Stake F1, from Alfa Romeo, it also adopted a dramatic color. And this is a bright green and black look to usher in the ‘new era’ to unleash the beast.

I love the boldness of the designers. They choose unpredictable things. That said, the driver lineup has remained the same. As for performance, things aren’t going so well. Its drivers haven’t scored any points.

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Red Bull Racing RB20

Drivers: Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez

Red Bull Racing fans might be begging for a drooling look that’ll turn heads, but the team has better things to do. Plus, if the livery works and represents the brand well, why spend time working on an extensive overhaul?

If you know Red Bull colors – navy blue and a splash of orange – then you know what the car looks like. I like the RB20. It’s subtle and performing. Max Verstappen and Nico Perez lead the F1 grid in first and second position, respectively.

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Visa Cash App RB 01

A review of the Visa Cash App RB01. Video Credit: Autosport

Drivers: Yuki Tsunoda & Daniel Ricciardo  

This is one of the brightest 2024 F1 liveries on the grid. The transition is justified because the team changed its name from Alpha Tauri to the Visa Cash App RB01. The color schemes blend in and every bit is well thought out.

Yuki Tsunoda is so far helping the team get vital points. He has seven points and his teammate Daniel Ricciardo has none.

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Ferrari SF-24

Drivers: Carlos Sainz & Charles Leclerc

The Scuderia Ferrari retains its classic red color theme. Even new Formula 1 fans can never mistake it for another. The dash of black, white and sponsor logos accentuates its appearance.

The designers of the Scuderia know what to give to fans but more than that, their goal is to have a winning car. They trail the Red Bull of Max in third and fourth positions.

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McLaren MCL38

McLaren F1 2024 Car. Video Credit: The Race

Drivers: Lando Norris & Oscar Piastri

The papaya orange and black go hand in hand, and together with the sponsor’s color themes, the McLaren MCL38 is one of the most vibrant 2024 F1 liveries. Its simplicity gives it the appeal. It has finally dropped the blue, which looked misplaced. And the technical director during that time James Key has since left, not because of the color but poor performance.

Mercedes W15

Drivers: Lewis Hamilton & George Russell

I’m not a fan of this year’s dominant black colorway. It does have portions of silver, which is what I like on the Mercedez but the black takes away from it. The car is celebrating its nickname’s Silver Arrow 90th anniversary, hoping to bring back the dominant days.

Additionally, it’s the last Mercedez Benz car that Lewis Hamilton is driving as he’ll be joining Ferrari in 2025.   

Williams FW46

Drivers: Alex Albon & Logan Sargeant

Williams Racing entered its blue era aiming to inspire and look into the future. After a few tweaks to its blue theme, you’d agree that it’s getting it right and its 2024 livery looks amazing. The fusion of blue and black gives it a balanced look.

Red and white stripes run from the front to back to pay homage to the cars Nigel Mansell and Jacques Villeneuve drove. Additionally, plenty of space was reserved for sponsor Ayao Komatsu.

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Haas VF-24

Drivers: Nico Hulkenberg & Kevin Magnussen

The Haas VF-24 is similar to its 2023 variant except that the white space is now black, which gives it an overall dark look. The team’s name is pasted on the protruded side pods and the back. So, you should easily identify it from a distance.

The livery isn’t an eyesore, neither is it the most captivating. It’s functional. Haas drivers have accumulated five points so far, Nico Hulkenburg four points and Kevin Magnussen a point.

Alpine A524

Drivers: Esteban Ocon & Pierre Gasly

Alpine still looks like it’s experimenting with its livery. Its dominant pink and blue colors have largely been eaten by the exposed black carbon, giving the finishing a bad look.

The one thing Alpine isn’t compromising on is the visibility of its sponsor, BWT. It’s taken much of the space on the side pods and the back wing of the car.

The 2024 F1 liveries evoke a mixed feeling. There isn’t much creativity, especially with most using an overly black color scheme. Diehard fans won’t care as long as the drivers perform. What’s the use of having a flashy and underperforming car?

At the end of the season, fans look to the grid and that’s what they’ll remember. Is it bad to spend time coming up with the best color schemes? No, but it might not be a top priority. 

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