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Water Sports: 5 Best Caribbean Islands for Surfing


The Caribbean is a top destination for sandy beaches, music, amazing hotels, etc. Its islands are earning a reputation for surfing for their big and consistent waves. That said, you have to know the locations to visit. In this article, we’ll tell you the best Caribbean islands for surfing.

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Boston Bay, Jamaica

A review of what surfing is like at Boston Bay. Video Credit: Visit Jamaica

We start the list with one of the best Caribbean islands for surfing in Jamaica, Boston Bay. It’s the only one that has waves high enough for you to surf. Beginners and intermediate surfers will have a great time due to its mild waves.

The best time to surf in Boston Bay is between November and March. If you haven’t carried equipment or need extra, you can rent within the area. Additionally, you can do snorkeling and windsurfing.  

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Eleuthera, Bahamas

A description of what surfing is like at the Eleuthera. Video Credit: The Bahamas

The Bahamas might not be popular for surfing, but one of its islands, the Eleuthera, is great. It has big, overhead, and small waves, amazing breaks, and its pink sandy beach, which adds to its attraction

You can find the Eleuthera beach between Gregory Town and Alice Town. Check the calendar so you’ll travel at the right time. October to April is ideal if you want consistent and sizeable waves. 

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Encuentro Beach, Dominican Republic

A guide to surfing at the Encuentro Beach. Video Credit: With the Sparrows

Another island that any surfer should consider is Encuentro Beach in the Dominican Republic. It’s described as the crown jewel of surfing in the area. This island is for amateurs, intermediate surfers, and professional surfers. It produces a variety of waves that they can all cope with. 

For beginners, you have a 200-meter stretch with a depth of 4 to 5 feet to learn.

Intermediate has three zones: 

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  • Main Peak.
  • Bobo Point. 
  • Famous Left. 

Experts can surf in the:

  • Mini Tavarua.
  • Coco Pipe.
  • Destroyer. 

All these features make the Dominican Republic one of the best Caribbean islands for surfing.

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Rincon, Puerto Rico

A highlight of surfing at the Rincon. Video Credit: Puerto Rico Drone Surfing

If you’re looking for the best Caribbean islands for surfing, you can’t skip the Rincon, Puerto Rico. This is why it’s referred to as the surfing capital of the region. The waters are warm. If you choose to go, consider surfing between December and April, when you’ll get consistent waves. 

There are eight spots you can explore depending on your experience level. These include: 

  • Antonio’s.
  • Pool’s.
  • Domes. 
  • Maria’s.
  • Dogman’s.
  • Punta Higuero.
  • Tres Palmas.
  • Sandy Beach East and Across. 

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Palmetto Point, Barbuda

Barbuda isn’t the first Caribbean island that’ll come to mind when you think about surfing, but it’s increasingly receiving interest from surfers. One of the things that’s heightened its visibility is the creation of stunning golf courses and hotels around it. If you want to try it out, autumn is the best time to surf. It’ll give you clean waves.

If you’re looking for the best Caribbean islands for surfing, we hope the recommendations given above help. To have the best time, find out more about the surroundings and carry everything you need for your travel. 

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