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Black Entertainment: 5 Interesting Afro-Caribbean Films To Watch


Are you looking for some cinematic gems that celebrate Afro-Caribbean culture? You’re in luck. We’ve scanned the film world to bring you a curated list of Afro-Caribbean films that will blow you away. Get ready to dive into interesting stories, rich traditions, and captivating performances.

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Sprinter (2018) 

Directed by Storm Saulter,  “Sprinter” is a 2018 Jamaican coming-of-age drama film. The movie centers around the life of Akeem Sharp, a young Jamaican sprinter with immense talent and dreams of becoming a professional athlete. 

Akeem faces several challenges, including financial struggles and a strained relationship with his mother, Shelly. As Akeem’s talent becomes evident, he catches the attention of his high school’s track and field coach, Coach Sween, played by David Alan Grier. 

Coach Sween sees the potential in Akeem and offers to coach him. If you’re a fan of inspirational sports dramas with cultural authenticity, “Sprinter” is definitely a film worth watching. 

It captures the spirit of hope and perseverance in pursuing one’s dreams, set against Jamaica’s dynamic and passionate track and field scene. Sprinter is available on Amazon. The notable casts in Sprinter movie include Dale Elliott as Akeem Sharp, Kadeem Wilson as Germaine, Shantol Jackson as Shelly Sharp, and David Alan Grier as Coach Sween

The Harder They Come” (1972)

The film is set in Kingston, Jamaica, and follows the life of Ivanhoe “Ivan” Martin, portrayed by reggae music legend Jimmy Cliff. Ivan is a young musician who arrives in Kingston with dreams of making it big in the music industry. However, he quickly realizes that the music business is ruthless and exploitative.

Facing poverty and limited opportunities, Ivan turns to a life of crime, becoming involved in drug dealing and other illicit activities. As his criminal activities escalate, he becomes a notorious outlaw pursued by the police. The notable casts in the movie include Jimmy Cliff as Ivanhoe “Ivan” Martin, Janet Bartley as Elsa, and Carl Bradshaw as Jose.

“Bazodee” (2016)

This is a romantic musical drama film directed by Todd Kessler. The story follows the life of Lee de Leon, portrayed by Machel Montano, a talented soca music superstar. Despite his fame and success, Lee feels trapped in the glitzy world of showbiz. He yearns for something more meaningful in his life.

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Lee’s world takes a dramatic turn when he meets Anita Panchouri, played by Natalie Perera, during her engagement party. Anita is about to marry her childhood friend, Raj, but her encounter with Lee sparks an undeniable connection and attraction. 

Their passionate and forbidden romance unfolds against the backdrop of Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival celebrations. You can watch this movie on Amazon. The notable casts in Bazodee include Machel Montano as Lee de Leon, Natalie Perera as Anita Panchouri, Kabir, Bedi as Ashwin Panchouri, and Valmike Rampersad as Raj

Girlfriends (1978)

Directed by Claudia Weill, “Girlfriends” is a 1978 Trinidadian film. The movie centers around the close-knit friendship of four women who navigate the challenges and triumphs of life together. Each character represents a different facet of womanhood, and their intertwined stories create a powerful narrative.

As women pursue their dreams and ambitions, they face societal expectations, cultural norms, and personal struggles. The film delves into identity, sisterhood, love, and self-discovery themes. You’ll find Janelle Commissiong as Lisa, Michael Cherrie as Chris, Karen Inglefield as Josie, and Eunice Alleyne as Phyllis as the main cast in the movie. 

Green Days by the River (2017)

Set in the picturesque countryside of Trinidad, the “Green Days by the River” story revolves around the experiences of a 15-year-old boy named Shellie, portrayed by Sudai Tafari. Shellie is an aspiring writer who dreams of escaping the limitations of his rural upbringing.

As Shellie navigates the challenges of adolescence, he finds himself entangled in a web of emotions when he meets and falls for the charming and enigmatic Rosalie, played by Che Rodriguez. 

Their budding romance unfolds against the backdrop of the lush Trinidadian landscape, and the film captures the beauty and innocence of their love. The notable cast in the film include Sudai Tafari as Shellie, Che Rodriguez as Rosalie, and Anand Lawkaran as Mr. Gidharee.

These films are gems that entertain, educate, and inspire. From Jamaica to Trinidad, they weave captivating stories, celebrate rich cultures, and remind us of the power of storytelling. Dive into these cinematic treasures and experience the beauty of Afro-Caribbean narratives. Check out Amazon for more Afro-Caribbean movies. 

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