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8 Inspiring Productivity Books by Black Authors


Heaven knows that it’s easy to find lists of great books by black authors, but now we are here to narrow them down for you! Productivity books by black authors are not only empowering tools to help you succeed in your career, but also in your personal development.

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Here are 8 inspiring productivity books by black authors to read in 2023—and beyond, of course. Enjoy!

8 Inspiring Productivity Books by Black Authors

You’ve Got to Be Hungry–Les Brown

You’ve Got to Be Hungry productivity book
Source: Pinterest

True leaders are vulnerable, and Les Brown tells the truth about what it takes to win. You simply have to be hungry and put on blinders until the bell rings.

A wonderful and insightful book. It gives you a sense of serenity and confirms things you’ve been wondering about, which may make you laugh or cry.

You’ve Got to Be Hungry is a life-changer. The stories Les Brown shares are real, raw, and relevant. I encourage anyone who is feeling unmotivated or lacking passion to pick up this book and do what it says. Don’t just read this book; put what you’ve learned into practice and watch your results skyrocket!

In commercial and professional circles, Les Brown is a vibrant personality and a highly sought-after resource for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, and non-profit and community leaders from all spheres of society trying to increase prospects.

Powershift–Daymond John

Powershift–Daymond John
Source: Powershift

You need to build the groundwork so you’re ready to seize any opportunity that comes your way if you want to take charge of your destiny and effect the change you want to see.

In Powershift, Shark Tank star and best-selling author Daymond John explains how to master the three pillars of influence: relationships, negotiation, and reputation.

Powershift completes the cycle for ambitious business owners as well as everyday people looking for a push in the right direction to reenergize their hustle, objectives, and directives, all the while putting the whole range of careers in perspective.

Powershift, one of the inspiring novels written by black authors, could renew ideas for some people and give a fresh perspective to others. In either case, it will “powershift” your thoughts and help you approach the future in a good, motivating, and useful way.

You’ll love Daymond’s openness and sincerity throughout the entire discussion of the book’s main themes. He explains things simply and practically so that they may be used and implemented by any aspiring power shifter in any business they may work in or want to work in.

Powershift is for you if you wish to have the capacity to alter any circumstance, close any deal, and produce any result!

How Boards Work–Dambisa Moyo

Powershift–Daymond John
Source: Dambisa Moyo

Dambisa Moyo makes the case that organizations need boards that are more open, competent, and diverse after analyzing the wrongdoing displayed at well-known companies. These three traits and abilities increase productivity and promote teamwork.

An accomplished board director and prize-winning economist, Dambisa Moyo is the author of “How Boards Work.”

Her assertion that boards must be actively involved in determining the strategic direction of the businesses they lead is particularly striking. If you’re a present or prospective board member seeking a road map on how to better lead organizations through issues, this book is a wake-up call and ideal for you. Additionally, it demonstrates how to be more productive and inspired while working in a hectic environment.

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We Should All Be Millionaires–Rachel Rodgers

Powershift–Daymond John
Source: Goodreads

While productivity goes beyond making money, it is worth stating that productivity is exceptionally valuable when it could fetch you some good cash.

In “We Should All Be Millionaires,”  Rachel Rodgers provides a woman’s guide to earning more, building wealth, and gaining economic power. She has the mission of helping women become millionaires and changing the fact that only 10% of millionairesk are women. 

The book also illustrates how earning money is a revolutionary action that contributes to improving the world. She lays forth a plan for reaching financial success by drawing on both her personal journey to becoming a millionaire and the adventures of her coaching clients.

Drop the Ball–Tiffany Dufu

Tiffany Dufu struggled after having her first kid to fulfil all the requirements she believed she had to in order to excel in both her professional and personal lives.

In Drop the Ball, she reveals how, in order to be productive at home and thrive in both her professional and personal lives, she learned to lower her expectations of herself and solicit the assistance of others.

Chasing Youth Culture and Getting It Right- Tina Wells

Powershift–Daymond John
Source: Goodread

At the youthful age of 16, Tina Wells founded the multimillion-dollar marketing firm Buzz Marketing Group. She learned how to connect with and communicate with millennial consumers very early in life, and top brands are in want of her knowledge.

Wells illustrates how leveraging today’s most influential trendsetters—the youth—can benefit business owners.

Wells is prepared to expose you to the Wired Techie, the conformist but paradoxically preppy, the always-mellow alternative, and the cutting-edge independent consumers in your audience if you’re a marketer looking for insight into the $43 billion teenage market.

Black Entrepreneur Survival Guide–Dunneille D. Anderson

Powershift–Daymond John
Source: Goodreads

A year into operation, the majority of black-owned firms fail. The goal of Anderson’s Black Entrepreneur Survival Guide is to provide black business owners with the resources, information, and productive attitude they will need to make their enterprises successful.

With this book among your resources, your productivity will increase.

Acting Up- Janice Bryant Howroyd

Powershift–Daymond John
Source: Goodreads

Millions of Americans may relate to Janice Bryant’s straightforward, no-nonsense, yet potent message in Acting Up. She explains how she has incorporated the leadership of her staffing and workforce management business with her own personal life’s guiding values.

The timing for her coaching-style approach to motivating you to achieve and be productive in whatever field of employment, career path, or business you are in could not be more ideal.

Acting Up, one of the principled productivity books by black authors gives you the impression that you are being guided through the process by your own personal business coach. I recommend reading this book if you want to make a change in your professional life, switch careers, or simply want to assess how to carry out all the steps necessary to realize your full potential.

This is the book you need next to your bed and in your briefcase because it gives you the tools you need to succeed in life and business using common sense.

With her husband, Bernard Howroyd, and their two children, Brett and Katharyn, Janice Bryant Howroyd, the founder and CEO of the Act 1 Group, resides in Rolling Hills, Southern California. She was born in North Carolina and attended school there as the fourth of 11 children. Act 1 was established by Janice in 1978, and it has since developed into a major player in the human resources sector, The Act 1 Group, with a global presence.

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