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7 Reasons Why Students Need Technology in the Classroom


“Technology is a great aid in my learning. “Not only does much of it allow the professor or students to communicate knowledge and ideas in new and exciting ways, but it also eases access to information for later perusal,” says Benjamin, a student at Vanderbilt University. 

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Technology has been both a blessing and a curse – of great benefit to learning and detrimental simultaneously. However, when weighing the pros and cons of the application of technology in education, we discover that it has done more good than harm in improving the learning experience, especially for students. 

In this article, we’ll kill two birds with one stone. First, by answering a pressing question – How does technology help students? And secondly, by pointing out seven significant reasons why students need technology in the classroom.

How Does Technology Help Students?

Technology has teleported us from the era of chalkboards to digital whiteboards, tablets, and iPads. Aside from enhancing the learning experience, the integration of technology into education helps students gain a sense of independence and develop problem-solving skills. 

With the continual use and application of technology to the learning process, students acquire a sense of self-reliance and expand their innovative and research skills. 

7 Reasons Why Students Need Technology in the Classroom


Having answered the question, “How does technology help students?” the following are some of the impacts of technology on the educational process and the reasons why students need technology in the classroom:

  1. It supports all learning styles.

No two students learn or assimilate in the same way. Before the evolution of advancements and innovations in technology, students had to learn with limited resources and monotonous teaching methods. Students who weren’t compatible with the teaching approaches either failed or remained at the bottom of the class. 

While it is difficult to adjust a study plan to accommodate every student, technology has provided various learning tools teachers and students can utilize to address the differences in learning styles. Using Student Insight Solution Platforms like Blue, it’s easy to assess what a student needs based on real-time feedback. 

Students who aren’t well-suited to the traditional text-only methods can work with other methods. For example, students who relate more to drawing can tap into the infographic resources to demonstrate their knowledge and comprehension of the subject matter. 

With the flexible, self-paced, and student-centric frameworks technology has made available, each learner can reach their full potential in the classroom.

  1. It provides unlimited access to information.

There’s a phrase everyone is most likely familiar with – “Google it.” Some say the internet is like a bottomless pit, some say, because of the unlimited resources it offers. While this aspect of technology is helpful to every facet of life, it is safe to say that education has benefited the most.

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With mobile technology, students can research topics, acquire knowledge beyond the classroom, and access information quickly and easily from anywhere.

  1. It equips students with fundamental digital skills.
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With the incorporation of technology into education, students passively acquire essential digital skills to level up to the competition.

The following are a few digital skills students can learn in the classroom;

  • Spreadsheet and database
  • Word processing
  • Visual mapping
  • Presentation and multimedia
  • Computational and critical thinking.
  • Coding
  • Research and internet usage

With these skills, students can maneuver through life outside the classroom and are not only vested in academics.

  1. It improves the learning experience.

Most students have grown up with technological tools, gadgets, and other devices at their disposal, so incorporating familiar tools like computers, iPads, virtual reality, and game-based learning (GBL) into the classroom will enhance student learning and improve classroom interaction.

A technology-based learning environment also allows students to break free from traditional approaches to learning, such as rote memorization and lecture-based methods.

  1. It encourages teamwork.

Sometimes, assignments and projects require that students work together to accomplish their tasks. Through collaborative technology-based tools like Google Drive, virtual conferencing, and cloud technology, students can access resources that will help them effectively work together.

Technology also offers students in online schools a platform where they can interact with their peers and learn more about various topics through group discussions. 

  1. It helps students find their career paths.

As students actively engage in learning, they develop the habit of researching and exploring, which forms the basis of career learning. 

Technology gives students room to find their interests and hobbies, helping them discover their career paths. With several resources the internet has provided, students can develop their interests and invest time in career learning.

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  1. It makes learning more inclusive.
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Technology has improvised methods that help carry students along. That way, no one is left behind. With the wide range of topics to explore and the tools, students can dive deeper into what they learn and find a place for themselves. They can work at their own pace and find their space. 


Technology provides an unlimited array of resources and opportunities. Students can leverage these resources and take advantage of these opportunities by utilizing technology in the classroom.

Shalom Ngbala-Okpabi
Shalom Ngbala-Okpabi
We learned to read and write in school, and I took mine to another level.


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