5 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Occupied Over Summer Break


It is summer break, and you are lowkey panicking because you don’t know how you will be able to cope with the kids around all day since they have no homework and are likely to cause a lot of trouble. And if you are a work-from-home parent, you fear the interruptions they may cause to your workflow and productivity. So you’ve found this page in your quest for fun summer indoor activities to keep them occupied over summer break.

Now, you don’t have to feel guilty or distraught over wanting to keep your children busy or even wishing that an event like summer break didn’t exist. Research says that 70% of parents are ready to send their wards back to school as soon as the summer break begins. According to the same study, most parents prefer to engage in several monotonous or stressful activities rather than plan their kids’ summer break. 

Having cleared your conscience on that, let’s spare you the stress of brainstorming ways to occupy your kids this summer. Here are some fun summer indoor activities that’ll keep your little ones busy through the summer break.

5 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Occupied Over Summer Break

  1. Get them busy with kitchen lessons. 
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If you are a parent that loves to cook, the chances that your interest will rub off on your kids are high. During the summer, you can get your kids to assist you in the kitchen, or you can enroll them in virtual cooking lessons. Edtech platforms like Kitchen Cottage Academy have a kids segment where kids learn kitchen basics like knife cutting, etc. This indoor summer activity is ideal because kids learn to count, measure, divide, etc., by helping in the kitchen.

You may not want your little one anywhere near the kitchen or gas stove because you don’t want them to get hurt, but there should be no problem as long as you set boundaries in the kitchen and stay with them.

  1. Engage them in fun board games.

Board games are one of many fun summer indoor activities that can improve your child’s cognitive ability. They are also a great way to spend quality time with the family. 

Your child will have so much fun learning to play chess that they won’t even realize how much they are exercising their logic, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, focus, and creativity. 

Another game you could teach is Scrabble. Playing the word game will help build and expand your child’s vocabulary by the end of summer break.

If your child isn’t up to the age where you can engage them in board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, and Scattergories, you’ll want to get age-appropriate ones like Connect 4, Bingo, Guess Who, etc.

  1. Cultivate their reading habit.
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It is summer, and kids feel there’s no need to take out long-paged books to read. But you don’t want your kids to experience a phenomenon known as the “summer slide” at the end of summer, so you must encourage them to read anything from comics and non-fiction books to newspapers and animal encyclopedias. 

The best way to promote this activity is to allow your kids the freedom to read at their own pace and for pleasure. You could also host a reading club with your friends and even start a friendly competition by offering an incentive to the reader with the highest number of pages or the best book summary. Reading shouldn’t end because it is the summer break.

  1. Let their imaginations run wild.

The trap of planning your child’s summer break is that you may cause them to feel restricted and stop them from exercising their right to play. 

You’ll want to engage your child in an activity that allows them to feel in control. One way to do this is to create an environment that allows their imagination to shine through. Consider encouraging them to design their room with stickers, glow lights, and other decorations, or hand them a sketch pad, poster colors, and some brushes. Get some clay from outside and let them practice pottery (or do whatever they want) in the balcony or backyard, or get them some art supplies. You can also give them a tent and watch how they set it up.

We need to warn you. You’ll need to be prepared to clean up after your child because things can get messy.

  1. Encourage them to keep a journal.
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Did you keep a diary when you were young? Do you remember how you always wanted to write down every single detail of your day? You will write about your dreams, fears, rifts with friends, bucket lists, and more. Encouraging your child to journal during the summer can help them reflect on their persona and project their inner desires; it will also help them document their life experiences and how much they’ll be having.

Your child will have a lot to write about when their school teachers pop the popular back-to-school question; “What did you do during the summer vacation?”

So there you have it—5 entertaining ways to keep your sanity this summer while providing your kids with many unforgettable experiences they won’t even notice when summer break ends. 

Bonus tips:

 In order to prevent your kids from getting bored, you can get creative and try varying these activities. Lastly, take photos to capture these one-of-a-kind summer memories.

James Essiet
James Essiet
James Essiet resides in the Southern Chills of Lagos, Nigeria. When he’s not querying databases or breaking technical jargon in words, he’s thinking of the next boring thing to accomplish!


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