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15 Black-owned Etsy Shops to Support All Year-Round


All over the world, black creatives and entrepreneurs are creating innovative solutions to everyday real-world problems, from creating earrings with polymer clay to creating creative handmade nail sets, Africanized neckties or clay earrings, and scented candle wicks with wood.

These solutions are great but won’t be for long if these Black-owned businesses aren’t getting purchases. Therefore, we implore you to shop and support these Black-owned businesses, not just during Black History Month in August, but all year round.

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This article lists some of the most creative black-owned Etsy shops you should support all year round.

Here are 15 Creative Black-owned Etsy Shops to Support All Year-Round

Gees Bend

Claudia Pettway Charley, a fourth-generation quilter, created the Gees Bend Etsy store. The Gees Bend brand deals in the handmade sewing of quilts as either rugs or bedding. The Gees Bend family hail from a small rural community in Alabama’s Black Belt.

Aquarian Thoughts

Are you looking forward to surprising your female spouse? This black-owned Etsy shop provides highly sophisticated feminine jewelry designs, from earrings to necklaces and bracelets. Most of these jewelry pieces are handmade and made from semi-precious gemstones, bronze, etc. The Aquarian Thoughts jewelry collection owes its creation to a  small Newark, N.J. studio called “The Lab.”


LittleDotStudio makes travel more exciting and fashionable. This black-owned Etsy shop sells some of the most aesthetically pleasing wood, leather, and acylic keepsakes. 

Customer reviews suggest the black-owned Etsy shop does not lie with the images of the luggage tags, engraved travel gifts, and other personalized gift tags featured in the store.

Teals Prairie

Teals Prairie sells some of the most exclusive manly items, from wooden beer bottle openers to personalized shot glasses, whiskey flasks, cigar holders, and leather wallets. If you’re looking to get your male partner a great manly gift, try some of Teals Prairie’s ideas.


If you’ve felt drawn to your kitchen utensils, MorningJoyCo creates that connection even better. By shopping with this black-owned Etsy shop, you’re accessing the best-personalized cutting board that could become a family treasure. Often, every cutting board has a personal engraved message on it.

GabeJade Accessories

GabeJade Accessories  is another black-owned Etsy shop that sells items like Dog Danas, bowties, neckties, and headgear from African textiles. The Etsy store sells from Dallas, Texas, and is one-of-a-kind clothing accessories. The rates are affordable, starting at $20-$100.

Kindred Essence

Another black-owned Etsy shop you should visit is Kindred Essence. This sister brand sells some of the best self-care products, from scented candles to organic soaps and body butter. Sisters Sandra and Jennifer Mapp are scent experts and co-owners of a New Jersey-based shop. If you’re considering treating yourself to some personal pampering, Kindred Essence gives you the tools at affordable rates, from as low as $9 for organic soaps to $25 for scented candles.

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Clay Jewels By Jules

Wearing earrings for long-term use can be painful, especially with heavyweights. However, Clay Jewels by Julian Pache sells one of the best lightweight polymer clay earrings for long-term use. These earrings have a playful outlook and are a great fit if you hope to make a statement. The designs are affordable and sell for as low as $25.

Knot A Game

Are you looking to paint every nook and cranny of your house green? Knot A Game is the only Etsy shop you should look at to get decorative handmade plant hangers made from sturdy cotton cords. The prices are affordable and sell as low as $30 per plant hanger.



Carolyn Counters sells hair accessories such as hair lassos that are extra-thick and perfect for pulling back natural hair without breakage. Aside from the hair lassos, the Black-owned Etsy shop sells hair ties, head wraps, etc. The prices are pocket friendly and sell for as low as $20.


This black-owned Etsy shop sells handcrafted and hand-painted pieces of jewelry that inspire essence, boldness, and originality. The prices vary from $50 to as high as $120 per piece.

Espe Beauty

If you’re looking to replicate a spa experience of steam pampering at home, Espe Beauty does that. Bath product expert Hope Becton uses essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint to make spa soaps, bath bubble bars, etc., to provide users with an aromatic shower experience. The prices range from $4 to $40.

Twisted Honey Candles


This black-owned Etsy shop sells natural scent candles. Customer reviews suggest that Twisted Honey Candles is a unique blend that keeps a scent, whether burning or cold.


MindTheCork etsy shop sells home decor items such as cardholders, cork planters, cork vessels, and storage. The brand has its studio in Southeast London, where Jenny Espirito exercises total equity.  It uses cork, an impermeable material created from the bark of the cork oak, or Quercus suber, to make its products.

SidneyShanae Company


Do you have no time to get a beautician to paint your nails? SidneyShanae Company makes the most remarkable and creative press-and-go handmade nail sets from medium almond to long stiletto. Also, Sidney offers custom orders to accommodate personal preferences. The prices are super affordable.

In the spirit of supporting Black-owned businesses, if you need any of the products listed above, visit any of these Black-owned Etsy shops and purchase their products today.

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