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What Are Tennis Court Surfaces Made Of?

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What are tennis court surfaces made of? When I first started watching tennis, I wondered why the tennis surface was a big deal. It impacts a player’s performance and the quality of a game. Every surface needs proper adaptation, hence why players specialize on particular surfaces. 

People know Spanish player Rafael Nadal as the King of Clay and recognize Roger Federer as the most successful grass court player. These two surfaces are the most popular, but did you know there are other types? 

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In this article, we explore the question, what are tennis court surfaces made of?

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Acrylic or Polyurethane (Hard) Courts

Synthetic Acrylic Material For Tennis Court With International Quality. Video Credit: Pacecourt

Tennis courts fall under hard courts when made using polyurethane or acrylic. Concrete or asphalt is the primary material used in the finishing surface. Hard courts produce medium and fast speeds, but can also be slow depending on the makeup of the layers.

This also results in a bouncy effect, which favors rallies and big servers. Weather temperatures impact how the ball bounces. For example, during a hot day, the court becomes faster. Players play the U.S. Open and the Australian Open on this surface.

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Clay courts

A player on a clay court. Photo by Gonzalo Facello on Unsplash

Clay courts are made of crushed shale, stone, brick, or mineral aggregate. They are slower than hard courts but bouncier. There are two types of clay courts, red clay or claytech and green clay or har-tru. The French Open and ATP events like the Monte Carlo and Madrid 1000 events use red clay. The court favors players who produce spin, like to play from the baseline and are defensive.

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Grass Court

A game on the grass court. Photo by Shep McAllister on Unsplash

As beautiful as a manicured grass court looks, they are the least popular. These courts require high maintenance and people can’t use them when it’s raining unless the court has a retractable roof. The natural grass courts consist of silt, sand, and clay. The Australian Open and the U.S. Open used grass surfaces but shifted to hard courts.

That left Wimbledon as the only grand slam to be played on this surface. The grass court keeps the ball low, which makes sliced shots more favorable compared to spins. The ball moves quickly as it slides off the grass, hence a faster game. Big servers and volleyers enjoy playing here.

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ASPHALT PAVING A TENNIS COURT – Diamante’s Construction LLC. Video Credit: Diamante’s Construction

Asphalt tennis court surfaces are similar to acrylic, except they lack the finishing layer on these courts. These courts are affordable, but their long-term maintenance can be costly because they develop cracks. Players do not play any grand slam event on this surface. However, many public tennis courts are built with asphalt. 

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Why Carpet Tennis Courts Were Permanently Banned. Video Credit: Cult Tennis

We can easily say that the major difference between asphalt and carpet courts is the carpet. They are built with asphalt and then a carpet is layered on top. They produce fast games and big servers thrive playing on it.

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Artificial Clay

Artificial Clay Tennis Court After Play Maintenance. Video Credit: SSP Specialized Sports Products Ltd

These courts are similar to clay courts except that they layer a carpet to support the base. Sand or clay is added on top, which is why, if you use it, it may feel like a clay court. The cost of maintenance is low, but they remain unpopular. No grand slam tournament is played on artificial clay.

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Concrete Court

In-Depth Look at Hellas’ Post Tension TPS Tennis Court Surfaces. Video Credit: Hellas

Concrete courts are made of post-tensioned concrete, which makes them durable. This material prevents damage that occurs on asphalt courts, hence their longevity. The surface is harder on players’ bodies, so you should be careful if you use them. They are inexpensive and low maintenance.

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Hybrid Clay


A hybrid clay court is a blend of the usual clay court and technology to produce a low-maintenance court. It has similar effects on players as the traditional clay court, slow pace. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) recognizes it as a tennis surface, but it’s not being used in official tournaments. This surface is popular in Europe and is eco-friendly.

If you were wondering, what are tennis surfaces made of? We hope this article helps you to understand why different surfaces exist and how they affect players. Which is the best tennis surface to play on?

Frequently Asked Question

What are the 3 main playing surfaces of tennis?

The main tennis surfaces are hard courts, grass courts and clay courts.

Which surface is the hardest to play tennis?

The Clay court is the hardest surface to play on. It’s slow, favors defensive players who play well from the baseline.

What surface are the tennis grand slams played on?

The Australian Open and the U.S. Open are played on hard courts, Wimbledon on grass courts and the French Open on red clay courts.

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