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Celebrate International Women’s Day in 10 Incredible Ways

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Every March 8th, the world lights up in celebration of International Women’s Day. It’s a chance to highlight all the phenomenal contributions women make globally, and reflect on the ongoing fight for equality, and most importantly, take action!

But if we’re being real, one day isn’t enough. This year, let’s go beyond the hype and explore 10 powerful ways to keep the spirit of IWD alive year-round for a better future.

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Before that, it will serve us well to explore the history of International Women’s Day.

Overview of International Women’s Day

IWD was first celebrated in 1911 when over one million advocates rallied together in Europe. The United Nations started celebrating International Women’s Year in 1975. Then in December 1977, the General Assembly proclaimed a United Nations Day for International Women’s Day.

Before the celebration date on March 8, an incident occurred that led to IWD. In 1908 about 15,000 women rallied in New York demanding better working conditions. Then in 1909, The Socialist Party of America in accordance declared National Women’s Day on February 28 becoming the first National Woman’s Day.

In protest of World War I, women in Russia took to the street and strike for what they called “Bread and Peace.” It was the last Sunday of February on the Julian calendar, corresponding with the Gregorian Calendar on March 8.

10 Incredible Ways to Celebrate IWD

Shop at Women-Owned Businesses

International Women's Day.
Female client gives glass jar to vendor. Source: Freepik

Ladies, your purse packs economic power! Women-owned businesses contribute a whopping amount to the economy. According to a WIPP Education Institute report, there are 14 million women-owned businesses in the United States. This represents 39.1% of all US businesses. 

This IWD, wield your wallet to support these talented female entrepreneurs. Seek out women-run shops like your favorite bakery, clothing boutique, or local service providers. It uplifts women in business and promotes economic inclusion.  

Volunteer for Women’s Causes

Many amazing organizations work tirelessly to empower women and girls through education, healthcare, job training and more. This IWD, consider lending your time or skills to support women’s rights. If you can’t volunteer, donating still makes a huge impact. Groups like the Malala Fund and She Should Run can use your help.

Share Women’s Stories

Too often, women’s voices go unheard. This IWD, let’s amplify their stories and perspectives. Promote inspiring women’s work on social media, listen to female-hosted podcasts, read books by women authors – then encourage your friends to do the same! Hashtags like #IWD showcase women’s diverse contributions.

Learn About Gender Inequality

Commit to educating yourself and others about gender equality. Explore thought-provoking books, films, and podcasts to understand the complexities of inequality. This helps us better advocate for change and build a just world.

Challenge Stereotypes

Gender stereotypes limit both girls and boys. This year, be mindful of the language and messages you send. Speak up against biased jokes and practices. Highlight diverse role models breaking stereotypes. Every effort, big or small, creates a more inclusive environment.

Spark Conversation with a Local Event

International Women's Day.
International Womens Day Strike” by mollyktadams is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Consider organizing an event to build a community around gender equality. Host a film screening and discussion, women’s leadership workshop, or fundraiser for a local women’s organization – get creative! Partner with community centers or businesses to secure a space and spread the word. Start meaningful dialogue and motivate change!

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Dive into Women’s History

Let’s celebrate women’s groundbreaking achievements across cultures and throughout history. Host a “Women in History Night” and explore innovators like Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, or Malala Yousafzai. Visit museums showcasing female artists and pioneers who paved the way. 

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Mentor a Woman

Mentorship is key to growth, especially for women. Be intentional about this year’s IWD celebration. Consider guiding a younger woman at work or in your community this World Women’s Day. Share your knowledge, experience and advice to empower her journey. Connect with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters or look within your network to make a difference.

Advocate for Equality Policies

international women's day
International Womens Day March” by dying regime is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

International Women’s Day offers a platform to advocate for policies promoting gender equality. This includes issues like pay equity, parental leave, and girls’ education. Take steps to contact representatives to express support for equality policies. 

Organizing peaceful protests or rallies will also raise awareness and drive change. One innovative way is to use social media to voice your support. Your voice matters!

Celebrate Yourself

One unconventional way to celebrate the IWD is to acknowledge your achievements, strengths, and resilience. Treat yourself to something special or reflect on your victories. You play a vital role in the fight for equality, and your journey deserves celebration! Embracing yourself empowers others too.

Black Women to Celebrate on International Women’s Day

The achievements of women in black society can’t be overemphasized. Here are 10 of them we could celebrate on IWD.

There are dozens of other ways to honor International Women’s Day. In whatever way you celebrate this day, ensure it’s geared toward women’s justice, equality and an end to poverty. It should be seen as a collective movement by those of us who care about human rights. 

The path to equality is ongoing therefore every action makes a difference. Women should be celebrated every day not just on March 8th. And remember it doesn’t matter if you are male. Feminism is a national agenda men need to get involved.

How are you planning to celebrate International Women’s Day this year? Comment below.

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