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10 Ways to Celebrate Boxing Day With Your Family


The celebrations continue after Christmas Day, so you must have plans for Boxing Day. Many people put a lot of effort into the 25th and often miss out on the 26th even though the day isn’t a public holiday in the United States. Even though the intensity might not be as high on Boxing Day, you can still make it memorable. For those who weren’t around on Christmas Day, it’s the perfect time to catch up and have all the fun. Keep reading to learn how you can keep the celebrations going on Boxing Day.

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Binge on a Series

spotcovery-A Man watching television
A Man watching television. Source: Photo by Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

After all the Christmas Day activities, catching up on your favorite series is one of the best ways of spending Boxing Day with your family. Prepare some snacks and gather around the entertainment room. Watching something together will spark never-ending conversations in the years to come.

Hold a Barbeque

You don’t have to dwell on Christmas leftovers. You can set up a barbeque station and prepare some delicious food. Involve your kids, switch on the music, pop a glass of your favorite drink, and enjoy a great time. When everything’s ready, you can sit around the table and share stories.

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Do Something Unconventional

If you did the expected on Christmas Day – spend time with family, watch a few movies, or have a feast, you can choose an activity you don’t normally engage in for a new experience. Perhaps hiking or skiing. If you think hard enough, you’ll find something you can add to your list.   

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Eat Out

spotcovery-A restaurant laid out-Boxing-Day
A restaurant laid out. Source: Photo by Paul Griffin on Unsplash

You might not have the energy to cook after all the Christmas festivities. Also, having someone else feed you is the best way to relax and enjoy Boxing Day. Find a good restaurant with a vast menu and a nice ambience. Your family will love this and you’ll not have to stress about doing the dishes afterward. 

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Attend a Sports Event

spotcovery-Fans attending a soccer match-Boxing-Day
Fans attending a soccer match. Source: Photo by Piero Huerto Gago on Unsplash

Sports is a significant part of Boxing Day. If you can, get tickets for your family and watch your favorite team. If you can’t be there in person, you can follow the action in the comfort of your home. Wear your club jersey and it’ll feel like you’re just in the stadium.

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Plan a Game Day

This is a fun way of shaking the Christmas hangover. You have a lot of games, from board games, quizzes, truth or dare, video games, and the list goes on. Layout snacks for your family and friends, and you’re bound to have a day filled with laughter and amazing memories.

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Boxing Day Sales

Shopping never gets old and during the festive season, it can be hectic. However, Boxing Day provides a different experience. The Christmas rush is over, and you can take your time going into different stores to buy discounted products. It’s also the best time to get your loved one’s gifts.

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One of the best ways to spend Boxing Day is sharing with the less fortunate. Contact your local charity organization and find out what they want. They’d be glad to have you share food, clothing, and other items to help the less fortunate. 

Visit Local Attractions

From museums to game reserves and art exhibitions, this is the perfect time to interact with the cultural aspects of your city. You’ll learn a lot about your location’s history, making you appreciate it more.

Visit Family

spotcovery-A mother and a daughter spending time together-Boxing Day
A mother and a daughter spending time together. Source: Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

You can’t visit everyone on Christmas Day, so Boxing Day presents a good opportunity to see the family members you haven’t connected with yet. Also, if you know someone alone, it’s a great time to share the joys of the holidays with them. 

If you use some of these tips on Boxing Day, you’ll have an unforgettable time. Perhaps the 26th might become your favorite December holiday. How do you spend Boxing Day? 

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