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How Were Slaves Captured in Africa? 4 Horrifying Ways

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The effects of slavery still affect the world today. The practice was abolished in 1865 in the United States after the passing of the 13th Amendment Bill. At a global level, the United Nations ended the practice in 1948 with the Universal  Declaration of Human Rights

Slaves were treated inhumanely, and one of the ways that manifested itself was in how they were captured. In this article, we look at how that happened.

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Raiding Villages

One of the methods used to capture slaves was raiding villages. These raids were never anticipated and were done by enslaved Africans. During the process, children would be thrown into sucks, and adults were bound or gagged.

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African slaves were taken against their will and forced to walk long distances tied in chains to the caravans without food and water. 

Some of the slaves who couldn’t bear this torture were left to die along the way or were killed. When they got to the coastal forts, the captured Africans were squeezed into dungeons without enough ventilation and space. 

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Different African states engaged in war as a way of expanding territories. Some wars were sponsored by European states and would even provide machinery to the side they supported. 

The side that won rounded up the captives and sold them off to the Europeans in exchange for money or other things. The captives were bitter and participated in raids to inflict the same pain on their fellow Africans.

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Reselling of Domestic Slaves

There were slaves in Africa before the arrival of Europeans. These slaves did different duties and weren’t treated as minorities. They had rights and could move around like other people in the community. 

After the Europeans arrived and demanded more slaves to work on their plantations, the traders, rulers and military gave them off in exchange for goods, mostly guns. The Trans-Atlantic slave trade coincided with the war within African communities, and thus, the leaders were looking for arms hence the trade.

The treatment of African slaves is one of the greatest injustices in the history of the world. We are yet to come to terms with its effects and reconcile with this dark past. European countries have also been slow to admit their role and the devastation caused. 

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