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Spotcovery Launches Food & Recipes Series Showcasing African Cuisine



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TUCSON, Ariz. – April 26, 2023– Spotcovery, a platform dedicated to promoting culture, creativity, entrepreneurship and economic growth within the Black community, is proud to announce the launch of its food & recipe series. The series will showcase the best African American, Afro-Caribbean and African cuisine, with a new recipe posted every week from a different country in Africa.

As a platform that strives to connect all Africans, regardless of their current location, Spotcovery’s new recipe series will be a valuable resource for those who want to explore the rich and diverse culinary traditions of the continent. Each recipe will be carefully selected to showcase the unique flavors and ingredients of each country, with easy-to-follow instructions that make it accessible to all levels of cooking experience.

Spotcovery’s food & recipe series aims to be the go-to source for those who want to learn more about African cuisine. From classic dishes like Saka Saka (a Congolese cassava leaf soup) and Kashata Za (a Tanzanian peanut brittle) to lesser-known regional specialties, the series will provide a comprehensive overview of the continent’s rich culinary heritage.

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In addition to the food & recipe series, Spotcovery offers a wide range of content designed to inform, inspire and empower users. The platform features authentic content spanning everything black globally, including media and entertainment, sports and recreation, finance and cryptocurrencies, health and medicine, lifestyle and wellness, and advertising and marketing.

Spotcovery also offers a Black-Owned Business Directory, where business owners can list their businesses for free to gain more exposure to their target audience. The platform’s Black Community Facebook Group provides early access to exclusive content and a lively discussion for members to participate in.

With its new food & recipe series, Spotcovery is excited to continue its mission of accelerating the race to cultural, creative, and financial independence for all descendants of the African continent.

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For more information about Spotcovery or to join the community, visit or email [email protected].


Sedi Djentuh
Sedi Djentuh
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