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8 Outstanding NFL Players Named Super Bowl MVPs


The Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP) award is voted for by fans, football writers and broadcasters. In the recent past, quarterbacks have dominated the award, winning six in the last 10 years. The MVP tends to come from the winning team but has been on the losing side occasionally. In this article, we highlight Super Bowl MVPs. 

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Dexter Jackson 

Spotcovery-8 Outstanding NFL Players Named Super Bowl MVPs
Dexter Johnson. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-SA-2.0

Dexter Jackson adds to our list of Super Bowl MVPs. He won the award in 2002 playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and became the first player in the safety position to become MVP. After this season, he moved on and played at the Arizona Cardinals, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Florida Tuskers.

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Deion Branch

Highlights of Deion Branch. Video Credit: Official JaguarGator9

Deion Branch is another wide receiver who won the Super Bowl MVP award. He achieved this feat while playing for the New England Patriots in 2004. Branch is also a two-time Super Bowl champion. 

These were the only two major honors he gained during his heydays. His last active season was 2012 after which he joined the Indian Colts as a squad player.

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Hines Ward

8 Outstanding NFL Players Named Super Bowl MVPs
Hines Ward walking on the pitch. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-2.0

Playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ward etched his name among the Super Bowl MVPs in 2005, when the team won the title. The wide receiver only played for the Steelers and later coached the team. He was a third-round pick in the 1998 draft and had an outstanding career with the team.

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Malcolm Smith

Highlights of Malcolm Smith’s career. Video Credit: SilverNBlack Productions

The 2013 season was the most successful for Malcolm Smith. He won his only Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks and was also the game’s MVP. The linebacker has yet to hit these heights again but went on and had a relatively productive career. He played for the Oakland Raiders, the San Francisco 49ers and the Cleveland Browns.

Patrick Mahomes

8 Outstanding NFL Players Named Super Bowl MVPs
Patrick Mahomes pointed to his teammates. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-SA-2.0

No Super Bowl MVPs list would be complete without Patrick Mahomes. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback won his third MVP award at the Super Bowl LVIII against the San Francisco 49ers. His other two came in 2020 and 2023 when they also won the Super Bowl. 

Mahomes’ rise in the game demonstrates his talent and consistency. He’s been Chief’s most prolific player and returns to the Super Bowl hoping to win a second consecutive title. The quarterback has the chance to add to win a third MVP award.

Ray Lewis

8 Outstanding NFL Players Named Super Bowl MVPs
Ray Lewis in the blue jersey. Source: Wikimedia licensed CC-BY-SA-2.0

Ray Lewis was Super Bowl XXXV MVP when the Baltimore Ravens also won the championship. In that season, he was also named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Other honors he collected include featuring in the Pro Bowl, being first-team all-pro and NFL tackles leader. 

Terrel Davis

Terrel Davis game highlights. Video Credit: Jsn Highlights

Davis features in the list of Super Bowl MVPs having won the recognition in 1998, playing for the Denver Broncos. He was also named the NFL Offensive Player of the Year and also made it into the first team. Davis put in a stellar season as he was also the rushing yards and touchdown leader. 

Von Miller

Von Miller makes it into the Super Bowl MVP list as a onetime winner. He took the award in the Super Bowl 50 playing for the Denver Broncos. He’s got two titles, and this was the most successful time of his career. After, he joined the Los Angeles Rams and current features for the Buffalo Bills.

The Super Bowl MVPs list is long. These players played their hearts out and were the most outstanding in the biggest game of the NFL season. For a game with many expectations and nerves, they managed to stay focused and do their best.

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