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9 Fantastic New Year’s Eve Traditions for a Memorable Finish


New Year’s Eve traditions vary across the world. From watching fireworks as you countdown to the new year to making food for the occasion and even reliving the best moments, there are a lot of things you can do. 

If you’re looking for new ways to usher in the New Year, we have some ideas to make this one of your best New Year’s Eve nights.

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Attend Concerts

spotcovery-A crowd at a concert-New Year’s Eve Traditions
A crowd at a concert. Source: Photo by Nainoa Shizuru on Unsplash

In several countries, concerts usually referred to as ‘New Year’s Bash’ are a staple in their New Year’s Eve traditions. Musicians, master of ceremonies, deejays and other entertainers are invited to celebrate the night. These mostly attract young people eager to shake off the year and start a new one on a high. 

Counting Down the Seconds

People do countdowns in their houses or gather outside for it. As the clocks tick, they also make noises by shouting, blowing instruments and lighting fireworks. Ten seconds before the start of the new year, people verbally count from 10 to 1 and, in unison, and shout “Happy New Year!”.

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Give Gifts

spotcovery-A gift box-New Year’s Eve Traditions
A gift box. Source: Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

You may have exchanged gifts during Christmas but can continue throughout the new year. You can get gifts matching their resolutions if you know some of them. Generally, give them something that signals you wish them a better year.

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Go for an Overnight Church Service

In Kenya, this is referred to as a ‘Kesha’. These events are hosted in churches or selected venues. Christian faithful spent the entire night praising, praying, and listening to summons, acknowledging God’s impact in the year that was. They also use this time to dedicate the new year to him.

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Host a Party

spotcovery-A girl partying-New Year’s Eve Traditions
A girl partying. Source: Photo by RDNE Stock project

This is one of the most practised New Year’s Eve traditions around the world. Instead of going out for a party, you can bring it to your house. Invite family and friends, swap your Christmas decorations with New Year’s ones, and spend the evening playing games, watching reruns, and reminiscing on your best and worst moments of the year. 

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Witness the Ball Drop

If you are in New York or the United States on New Year’s Eve, you can take part in one of the country’s oldest New Year’s Eve traditions. Millions of Americans brave the cold weather to see the ball drop at midnight to usher in the new year. The owner of the New York Times ushered in this practice in 1907. He did this to draw attention to the New York Times headquarters, but it became a tradition. 

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Toast to the New Year

With your friends and family around, pop a bottle of your preferred drink and toast at the stroke of midnight. It’s simple, playful and a way of wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

Write Down New Year’s Resolutions

spotcovery-New Year’s Resolutions
New Year’s Resolutions. Source: Photo by

Reflecting on the year that was and writing down what you want to do in the coming year is an amazing way of ending the year. Regardless of how much was done, people do this enthusiastically and write their lists with a lot of expectation. If this is something you do, you can get a notebook with the year engraved on it on Amazon.

Watch Fireworks

This New Year’s Eve tradition list won’t be complete without mentioning fireworks celebrations. This is a worldwide gesture to usher in the New Year. Fireworks are emitted from iconic buildings in different cities. Get quality fireworks on Amazon.

Whether you’re into parties or not, staying up late, New Year’s Eve is the perfect excuse to do something out of the ordinary. Enjoy the last day of the old year and enter into the new one in style. Which of these New Year’s Eve traditions do you practice? 

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