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National Veterans Tournament USA 2023: A Celebration of Unity and Passion

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The National Veterans Tournament in the USA 2023 (NVT-USA) is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever! With 36 teams competing and over 10,000 expected attendees, this year’s tournament is set to make waves.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 1st, 2023, when the special edition of NVT-USA 2023 begins in Gwinnett, GA. 

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The Story Behind NVT-USA FA Story

NVT-USA FA is a non-profit organization with 2,000 members and 43 clubs from the US and Canada. It started as a small gathering of soccer enthusiasts in 2015 and has since grown into a formidable force, boasting thousands of members.

The founders of NVT-USA FA were driven by their love for soccer. They saw the potential to improve health, build relationships, and create a strong support network while building camaraderie among the Cameroonian male community.

The inaugural NVT took flight in 2015, with four clubs – VFC Maryland, Atlanta Veterans, Delaware Veterans, and Boston Veterans – joining forces in Maryland to host this historic event. 

This marked the beginning of a remarkable journey. Below is the full timeline of the NVT-USA FA tournament journey: 

  1. 2015 — The first edition of the NVT-USA FA tournament was hosted in Laurel, MD. Maryland, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Delaware participated in this tournament. 
  2. 2016 — 2nd Edition – Atlanta, GA. Nine teams participated in this competition.
  3. 2017 — 3rd Edition – Dallas, TX. Eleven clubs participated in the tournament
  4. 2018 —  4th Edition – Oklahoma City, OK. Thirteen took part in this tournament.
  5. 2019 — 5th Edition – Wilmington, DE. Eighteen teams took the 5th edition of the NVT-USA FA tournament
  6. 2021 — 6th Edition – Houston, TX. Twenty-eight clubs and 6,000+ guests and participants were part of the event. 
  7. 2022 — 7th Edition – BelAir, MD. Thirty-two teams, 8,000 participants, and guests took part in the 7th edition of the NVT-USA FA tournament.
  8. 2023 —  8th Edition – Gwinnett, GA Special Edition. Thirty-six teams will be taking part, while over 10,000 guests and participants are expected to attend. 

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NVT-USA FA’s Noble Goals

NVT-USA’s primary aim is to promote fitness and healthy living. Through soccer, they inspire a year-round exercise routine in local clubs nationwide.

Beyond fitness, NVT-USA FA believes in giving back to the community. They raise awareness about the importance of exercise for a healthy life and societal well-being.

Each year, NVT-USA FA organizes a ceremonial but competitive keep-fit event hosted by one of its member clubs. It’s all about staying active and staying connected.

Also, NVT-USA FA actively engages in activities that benefit society, from promoting diversity and inclusion to nurturing responsible citizenship, education, youth development, and humanitarian gestures.

The National Veterans Tournament USA isn’t just a competition; it’s a celebration of unity, passion, and camaraderie. From the thrilling matches on the field to the connections made off it, this event is a must-attend for all. Witness the power of sport to unite hearts and leave a lasting impact on communities.

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About the NVT-USA 2023 Tournament in Gwinnett, GA.

NVT-USA 2023 Screenshot. Image Source: NVT-USA 2023 Screenshot Homepage

The NVT will hold its Huddle meeting of Club Presidents, NEC, Club Reps, and Superdelegates on Thursday, August 31, 2023, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM. Then, the tournament’s opening ceremony with Olympic Style March Past of all Clubs will take place on Friday, September 1, 2023, from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM. 

The NVT-USA 2023 sporting tournament will run from  Friday, September 1, to Monday, September 4, 2023. 36 teams will compete in this year’s tournament, while seven sides will be on the waiting list vying for a place. 

Expect excitement to fill the air as over 10,000 enthusiasts flock to Gwinnett, GA. Athletes, friends, family, and guests unite for this special edition of NVT. Beyond the game, bonds will be forged and memories made.

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The impact of NVT extends beyond the field. Gwinnett, GA, stands to benefit significantly. Projected to generate over $5 million in economic activity, this event will boost local businesses, from lodging and dining to travel and entertainment. Day and night, the city will come alive with action, creating an unforgettable experience.

Entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes can benefit from this exciting sporting tournament. NVT-USA 2023 opens doors to unique marketing prospects. Seize the chance to connect with a diverse audience and showcase your brand globally.

What to Expect From the NVT-USA 2023 Tournament in Gwinnett, GA

NVT Events: Image Source: NVT Event Page

This year’s NVT-USA 2023 tournament has a wide range of exciting activities. The activities include: 

  • NVT Opening Ceremony with Olympic Style March Past of all Clubs
  • NVT Games
  • NVT Welcome Party
  • NVT All-White Party
  • Golden Age (Exhibition) Game and the NVT Finals.
  • NVT Gala Party
  • Championship Award Ceremony
  • Installation of New NVT NEC Officers
  • NVT Gwinnett 2023 Farewell BBQ Party

NVT-USA 2023 Tournament in Gwinnett, GA Competing Teams

Below is a comprehensive list of the teams participating in the NVT-USA 2023 tournament in Gwinnett, GA. 

  1. Allen Veteran Football Club (aka Celebration Park Veteran FC)
  2. LOUISIANA HURRICANES Veteran Football Club
  3. Lexington Veteran Soccer Club
  4. Veterans Football Club (VFC) of Maryland
  5. Goodwill Football Club Association
  6. New England Veterans FC
  7. New Boys Football Club
  8. New Jersey Ndamba Veterans Football Club
  9. New York Lions VET
  10. Oklahoma City Veteran Football Club ( OKC VETS FC )
  11. Richmond TX
  12. SAVET
  14. Spartan Veterans Football Club
  15. United Veterans FC
  16. WA Lions FC
  17. Arlington FC
  18. Atlanta Veteran Football Club (AVFC) Est. 2010
  19. Boston Veterans Sports Club
  20. Cameroon California Veteran Club
  21. Cameroon Dallas Veterans Football Club aka CAMDAL VETS FC
  22. Charlotte Veteran Football Club
  23. Chicago Veteran Football Club
  24. Colorado Veteran FC
  25. Columbus Veteran Football Club (CVFC)
  26. Cameroon Soccer Veterans Club Delaware (CAMSOVET-DELAWARE FC)
  27. Gwinnett Veterans Soccer Club (aka Gwinnett Vets or GVETS)
  28. Houston Veteran Soccer Club
  29. Lanham Veteran FC
  30. VET-STAR Football Club Minnesota
  31. Tampa Veterans FC
  32. Elite Veteran Football Club
  33. Frisco Soccer Club (Frisco SC)
  34. Cameroon Soccer, Los Angeles (CAMSOLA)
  35. Delaware Progressive Football Club
  36. Atlanta Veterans Football Club (AVFC)

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NVT-USA FA Leadership Structure

The NVT-USA FA leadership comprises the National Executive Committee(NEC) and the National Advisory Board (NAB). NEC is the highest ranking administrative organ of this awesome non-profit organization. The members of the national executive committee are elected from the members of the clubs. 

They plan, orchestrate, and manage all NVT-USA activities. The current members of the NVT-USA FA national executive committee:

  • Dr. Charles Yakum (President)
  • Mr. Noumbisie Simo (Secretary General)
  • Dr. Pride Abongwa (Director of Operations)
  • Mr. Johnson Binda “JB” (Treasurer)
  • Mr. Julius Fuh (Financial Secretary)
  • Mr. Denis Nyambi (Public Relations)
  • Mr. Bliase Keng (Assistant Secretary General)

These people have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the NVT-USA 2023 tournament is successful. 

On the other hand, the National Advisory Board (NAB) comprises representatives from all member clubs of the organization. It’s the legislative arm of the body and ensures balanced power. 

They make and vote on rules and regulations governing the body. Additionally, they’re responsible for amending the bylaws of the organization. The forty-three member clubs are fully represented on NVT-USA FA the advisory board. 

NVT-USA 2023 promises an action-packed sporting extravaganza that’s about competition, unity, health, and community engagement. The games will be on a world-class soccer complex with eight grass fields, one Turf Field, 15 Bathrooms, Pavilions, Concession Stands, and Office Space. 

There are a lot of comfortable and cheap Gwinnett County Hotels that won’t cost an arm and a leg as well. However, it’s important to book on time. Can also visit Amazon to get your sports kits.

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