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National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month: How to Spread Awareness


According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in five children in the United States is obese. The prevalence was high among some populations. In the black population, 24.8% of children were obese compared to 16.6% of white and 9.0% of Asian children. With more people living a sedentary lifestyle, lowering these numbers is becoming more difficult. 

That said, the first step is learning more about the issue by spreading awareness, which is the focus behind National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. How can you participate? This article will guide you.

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What Is Obesity?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines obesity as a fat accumulation that may impair health. It’s been declared a public health problem. Children with obesity are at risk of other diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

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About the National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

The first time National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month was celebrated can be traced back to 2011. This happened via a presidential proclamation after former United States President Barack Obama signed a memorandum to raise awareness of childhood obesity. 

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How to Spread Awareness

  • Encourage caregivers to provide a balanced diet to their kids. They’ll get used to it and naturally gravitate towards fresh fruits and vegetables when they’re adults. Those who have obese kids can make changes like introducing vegetables and fruits in their meals.
  • An institution that can make a huge difference in school. Parents and the authorities can come up with options that help them feed students with healthy meals.
  • Join a program that advocates for and teaches the community about the need for a healthy lifestyle. A couple of forums are established to raise awareness like World Obesity has events and programs that address the issue. 
  • Encourage kids to take part in physical activities. During her tenure as the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama began the ‘Let’s Move’ campaign to get more kids to exercise. 
  • Government policies should be enforced to help tackle childhood obesity. Former President Obama signed a memorandum and created a task force to investigate childhood obesity.   

These are the ways you can raise awareness about childhood obesity. We urgently need to act on the above to ensure that the next generation of children remains healthy.  

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