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List of World Series Winners: Teams That Have Won Baseball’s Ultimate Prize


The World Series is the biggest prize any baseball player and team can win. Some of the best teams have a couple of titles to their name. Whilst it takes a near-perfect season to pull this off, a few teams have managed to repeat this several times. In this article, you’ll find the list of World Series Winners.

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New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are the most successful baseball team with 27 World Series titles. They were the only ones to win the title four consecutive times between 1936 and 1939 and repeated this between 1949 and 53. The last title the tea won came in 2009 and its first was 1927.

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St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals went on a 17-game winning streak. Video Credit: NChill17 Productions

The St. Louis Cardinals are the second most successful team with 11 titles. The first came in 1926 and its latest in 2011. Along the way, it gathered several division titles together with 4 pennants.

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Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox joins the list of World Series Winners having won nine. The first title they claimed came in 1903 and the latest in 2018. After their fourth title in 1918, it took the team 86 years to win another title. This was down to the so-called “Curse of the Bambino”. Once they broke it, they became the first team in the 21st century to win four titles.

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Oakland Athletics

Oakland Athletics winning streak. Video Credit: MLB

The last time the team won a World Series was in 1986. The team had its hay days in the early and late 1990s and unfortunately, their influence has dissipated over the years. Their most successful years were between 1972 and 1974 when they clinched three titles in a row. 

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San Francisco Giants

List of World Series Winners: Teams That Have Won Baseball’s Ultimate Prize
AT&T Park, San Francisco, United States. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-Zero

The team’s had relative success having claimed eight World Series titles to date. The first was in 1905 and haven’t been top of the baseball world since 2014. They have been in the World Series 20 times in their history.

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Los Angeles Dodgers

LA Dodgers win the World Series. Video Credit: Fluttershy RLC

The Los Angeles Dodgers have seven World Series titles to their names. The last time they won was in 2020, 32 years after their sixth title. They’ve reached the finals 21 times. The 1950s was their most successful period having won five titles. 

These are some of the Major League Baseball (MLB) teams that have won the World Series. It’s not easy to do and you can tell by the gap between the years. It also speaks to the competitiveness of the league. 

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