45 Inspiring Black Girl Names and Their Meanings


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Black girl names are rich in meaning and often derive from African, Greek, and Arabic cultures. Some have cultural meanings, while others have biblical sources. If you’re looking for the best black name for your girl child, read this post. We have curated 45 black girl names and their meanings. 

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African-American Girl Names and Meaning

Here are fifteen amazing African-American names you can consider naming your girl child. However, you can get books on Amazon that cover African-American names to find more. 

  1. Abana – Abana is a biblical name meaning “Made of stone, a building.”
  2. Achebe – The name means “One who is protected by the Almighty God.”
  3. Aiysha – Aiysha means Powerful and complete.
  4. Amahle – The name means “The beautiful one.”
  5. Behati – This is a girl child’s name, which means “blessed; she who brings happiness.”
  6. Chalondra- The name Chalondra is of American origin, meaning “Combination Of Charlotte And Alondra.”
  7. Gasira – Gasira is a girl’s name that means “One who is brave.”
  8. Ghalyela – The baby girl’s name Ghalyela means “Precious.”
  9. Hanuni – Hanuni means “Happy and cheerful.”
  10. Hagos – The name Hagos means “Hagos.”
  11. Kecia – Kecia is a delightful girl-child name, meaning “Great joy.”
  12. Kendy – The name Kendy means “The One who is Loved a Lot.”
  13. Kessie – Kessie is a girl child name of African origin it means “Innocent.”
  14. Kya – The name Kya means “Feminine Form Of Kai.”
  15. Naserian – Naserian means “The lucky one.”

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15 African Girl Names and Meaning

If you’re considering giving your girl child an African name, below are fifteen names with African origin. 

  1. Malaika – Malaika means “angel.” It’s a name that’s as sweet as an angel’s smile.
  2. Amani – Amani means “peace.” This name is like a wish for a peaceful world.
  3. Kwame – Kwame means “born on a Saturday.” It’s like a birthday name!
  4. Nia – Nia means “purpose.” It’s like having a special reason for everything you do.
  5. Zuri – Zuri means “beautiful.” It’s a name for someone as pretty as a flower.
  6. Sanaa – Sanaa means “art.” It’s a name for creative and artistic people!
  7. Makena – Makena means “happy one.” It’s like a name that brings happiness!
  8. Chinwe – Chinwe means “God owns.” It’s like saying you belong to God.
  9. Imani – Imani means “faith.” It’s a name for someone who believes in good things.
  10. Adia – Adia means “gift.” It’s like being a gift to the world!
  11. Zola – Zola means “peaceful.” It’s a name for someone who brings calmness.
  12. Safiya – Safiya means “pure.” Like having a heart full of goodness!
  13. Kwesi – Kwesi means “born on a Sunday.” Another birthday name!
  14. Lulu – Lulu means “pearl.” It’s like being as precious as a shiny pearl.
  15. Thandiwe – Thandiwe means “loving one.” This name is for someone who spreads love everywhere.

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Africa is an exciting continent with rich culture and their names reflect their traditions. Many books on Amazon have discussed African culture, traditions, and names in detail. You can buy those books to learn about the continent. 

15 Afro-Caribbean Girl Names and Meanings 

The collection of Afro-Caribbean names gives a taste of the Island’s charm and uniqueness. Here’s the list of fifteen Afro-Caribbean names that you can consider naming your girl child. 

  1. Abigay – Abigay means the joy or happiness of Yahweh!
  2. Alvita – Alvita, as a feminine name, is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Alvita is “lively.”
  3. Amancia – Amancia is a girl’s name of Latin and Jamaican origin. The name is said to mean “unconditional love,”
  4. Amelia – Amelia is a girl name of Latin origin that means Work.
  5. Amoy – Amoy is a name of Chinese and Jamaican origin, which means “beautiful goddess.”
  6. Brianna – Brianna means “high,” “exalted,” and “noble.”
  7. Chandice  – Chandice means very talented and smart
  8. Cedella – Cedella is of Jamaican origin, and it means “beautiful princess.”
  9. Durene – The name means “enduring” or “everlasting.”
  10. Delyse is a girl’s name of Jamaican, American, and Latin origin, meaning  “delight, pleasure, luxury, joy.”
  11. Eralia – Eralia is a girl name of Jamaican origin, meaning “well-spoken woman,”
  12. Gabrielle – Gabrielle means God is my strength
  13. Ionie – Ionie is a girl’s name of Jamaican origin, meaning Violet-colored stone.
  14. Irie – Irie means Irie name meaning Harmony and peace. 
  15. Iriye – Iriye means Harmony and peace. 

Black culture consists of shared briefs, music, food, and names that express what it’s like to be a black person.  No matter the type of name you want for your girl child, black girl names are available to meet your little one’s personality. You can also get books from Amazon to learn about black culture and names. 

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