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Humanize Your Business Strategies Through Personal Selling


Customers love to do business with people they know, trust, and like. That’s why personal selling is an essential technique in sales and marketing. 

Personal selling is a sales and marketing technique that involves face-to-face, direct interaction with a potential customer. This technique helps build relationships and improve customer satisfaction. Read on to learn about five techniques to use for your black-owned business. 

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Focus on the Right Lead

Personal selling requires time and monetary investment. So, you can’t afford to waste the most precious thing that you have chasing after the wrong prospects. 

It’s true that not all sales meetings will lead to a sale. But you can bring yourself closer to closing a deal each time you step out for personal meetings by carefully profiling your target customers. Here are guides on Amazon that discuss how to create a buyer persona. 

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Prepare Well Before Meetings

How you Prepare for a Successful Customer Meeting. Video Credit: @eastonuniversity

When you walk into a meeting room with a client unprepared, the person will see you as an unserious person. How you prepare for a sales meeting will determine how well you’ll convince a potential customer to do business with you. Good preparation will also lead to a fruitful meeting. 

Remember that every meeting with a client is an opportunity to change the prospect’s mind. But you shouldn’t be pushy when trying to persuade them to do business with you. Buyers want you to listen to their needs and tell them how your product or service can help them meet those needs. 

That’s why you should try to understand the problems your business solves and those who need it. Knowing this will help you plan meetings with the right prospects. It’ll also help you to answer all their questions regarding your products or services effortlessly. 

Add Value to the Meeting 

What your business brings to the table is what will separate it from other businesses. This means that you shouldn’t approach your sales meeting like every other person would do. Instead, think of how to add value to your sales meeting. 

Your prospects need to feel valued and cared for. The first meeting should show them that you’ll continue to support them even after they sign the dotted lines. 

You can add value to a meeting by simply making it interactive and educational. Your goal should be to engage your prospects in a way that makes them feel happy about having the meeting with you. Reading one or two of these books from Amazon can also help you learn how to add value to a business meeting. 

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Show the Prospect Your Long-Lasting Support

A good salesperson will always let the client know they’re together in this journey. You have to make them understand that you’re on their side and desire nothing more than to see their needs met. 

During your meetings, you can ask in-depth questions regarding their challenges and provide them with solutions related to products and services. This will make them understand that they’re not buying a product or service. 

Rather, they’re buying a solution to their pressing needs. Besides closing deals, you should work to make your prospect see you as a potential partner rather than someone who wants to collect their money.

Adopt Storytelling Techniques

Seven Keys to Good Storytelling. Video Credit: @TEDx

Storytelling is one of the most effective techniques to hold your clients’ attention during sales or business meetings. The stories you tell them during meetings will always remain in their memories for a very long time. 

During meetings, feel free to share stories of your personal experiences that can help your clients. Research has it that after a presentation, about 63% of people remember stories, while only about 5% remember statistics. These storytelling books on Amazon can help you improve your skills. 

As a black business owner, you can improve your business customer experience by adding personal selling to your overall marketing strategies. With this sales and marketing technique, you can build a good customer relationship.

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