Entertainment Businesses – Bridging the Cultural Gap


Entertainment Businesses – Bridging the Cultural Gap

Source: yandex.com

Who has not heard about Jay Z, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Rihanna or Nicki Minaj? Yes, these are some of the BIGGEST names of the TV business and have topped the TV industry for years. What do they have in common? Well, they all hail from the black community, don’t they? We don’t realize how much the Black community has given to us not only in terms of entertainment but so much else. Only when we come across these big names, do we realize it!

Bridging the Cultural Gap:

So, what is the entertainment business doing in terms of bridging the cultural gap? In reality, it is doing quite a lot. Hollywood is already working towards filling this gap with the help of making movies and by telling stories. Oprah Winfrey has become a brand! EVERYONE across the globe knows about her and what she does.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to art and entertainment, everyone speaks the same language. Art is a universal language. Even if you don’t know the specific language a program is in, you can easily know what is going on through the expressions of the artist. Anger, happiness, sorrow, excitement, can be seen through facial expressions. One can easily guess if a movie/show is serious, humorous or horror only through the expressions of the artists.

The beauty of America is that it is made up of so many culturally diverse people belonging to different cultures, ethnicities, races and so much more. A major portion of the culturally different groups is of the African Americans. They constitute a major chunk of the total population. This is the reason why you can see a lot of cultural diversity in almost everything Americans do and in all the different businesses etc.

Entertainment Businesses – Bridging the Cultural Gap

Source: yandex.com

Entertainment industry is very diverse and you can see that there are many African Americans and Black people in general as actors. You will hardly come across a movie that does not have a black actor in it. Names like Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Morgan Freeman and Viola Davis are just a handful of Black actors whose names stand out from the crowd. There are hundreds more of them.

People who come together from different cultures are working towards bridging the gap that has widened after the Trump Government came into being. The sad reality is that even though many black stars have dedicated their lives to work for Hollywood, there is not much that is done for them in return. Yes, Hollywood does not do much for the Black community.

Over the years, things are changing slowly and gradually. The fact that the entertainment industry is undervaluing the black-led projects is going to be a blow to them not to the Black community. According to McKinsey and company, if the entertainment industry sets aside the cultural differences and works towards getting cultural harmony in, they can gain an additional 10 billion US dollars per annum in revenue. This shows how important the Black community is.




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