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10 of the Biggest Stadiums in Africa


The biggest stadium in Africa can hold the most number of fans. It makes for a great ambience and mood for a game. We’ve seen how important crowds are in games. They give the team morale and can intimidate the opponents. Over the years, Africa’s sporting infrastructure has evolved to match global standards. Let’s look at some of the biggest stadiums in Africa.

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1. FNB Stadium – 94, 736 – South Africa

10 of the Biggest Stadiums in Africa
 FIFA World Cup 2010 quaterfinal between Uruguay and Ghana, 2 July 2010. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-2.0

The FNB (First National Bank) Stadium is the biggest stadium in Africa. It can hold 94, 736 fans. It’s located in Johannesburg. The FNB was opened in 1989 and has been renovated once in 2009. The Springboks, Kaizer Chiefs and the South African national football team, Bafana Bafana use for rugby and soccer games this multipurpose facility.

2. Borg El Arab Stadium – 86, 000 – Egypt

10 of the Biggest Stadiums in Africa
The Borg El Arab Stadium. Image Source: Wikimedia licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Borg El Arab Stadium, located in Alexandria, is the second biggest stadium in Africa. It was launched in 2009. Egypt’s bid to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup, led to the commissioning of Borg El Arab. Since then, it’s been the home stadium for the Egyptian national football team, the Pharaohs

3. Stade des Martyra de la pentecote – 80, 000 – DR Congo

Formerly known as the Kamanyola Stadium, this is the third biggest stadium in Africa, based in Kinshasa, Congo. It was officially opened in 1994 and has been renovated once, in 2008. It’s the home of the Congo national football team, AS Vita Club and Daring Club Potema Pembe.

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4. Cairo International Stadium – 75, 000 – Egypt

10 of the Biggest Stadiums in Africa
The Cairo International Stadium. Image Source: WikiMedia licensed under CC BY 2.0

Previously known as the Nasser Stadium, the Cairo International Stadium is one of the biggest stadiums in Africa. It’s located in Nasr City and holds up to 75, 000. Former Egyptian President Gamal Abd El Nasser opened the stadium in 1960. 

The stadium was renovated ahead of the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) hosted by Egypt. Cairo International Stadium is home to two of the country’s biggest clubs – Al Ahly and Zamalek.  

5. Stade de Juillet – 64, 200 – Algeria

The 64, 200-seater stadium is located in Algiers, Algeria. Its name pays homage to the country’s independence day. Stade de Juillet was opened in 1972 and has been renovated six times – 1999, 2003, 2008, 2015, 2017 and 2022. The stadium’s record attendance stands at 110, 000. This was during a match between Algeria and Serbia in 2010

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6. Ellis Park Stadium – 62, 567 – South Africa

10 of the Biggest Stadiums in Africa
Ellis Park Stadium. Image Source: WikiMedia licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ellis Park Stadium, formerly Coca-Cola Park, was completed in 1928. It has only been renovated once, in 1982, and was expanded in 2009. This multipurpose facility is located at Doornfontein, Johannesburg. Ellis Park was used during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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7. Moshood Abiola National Stadium – 60,491 – Nigeria 

The Moshood Abiola National Stadium is located in Abuja, Nigeria. It previously went by the name the National Stadium and was renamed by former Nigerian President Mohammed Buhari in 2019 in honour of Alhaji Loshood Abiola

The facility, which is the home ground of the Nigeria football team, Super Eagles, was opened in 2003. The highest attendance recorded in this stadium was 60, 000 during a Nigerian match against South Africa in 2008. 

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8. Stade Olympique Hammadi Agrebi – 60, 000 – Tunisia

10 of the Biggest Stadiums in Africa
The Olympic Stadium of Radès. Source: Wikimedia licensed by  CC-BY-SA-4.0

Formerly referred to as the Stade 7 November and Stade Olympique de Rades, the stadium was renamed in 2020 in honour of Hammadi Agrebi’s death. The Tunisian national football team, Esperance Sportive de Tunis and Club African use it.

It was opened in 2001. The highest attendance recorded was 65, 000 for a match between Club Africain and ES Zarzis in the Tunisian Championship

9. Stade National de la Côte d’Ivoire – 60, 000 – Cote d’Ivoire

Its full name is the Stade Olympique Alassane Ouattara. It’s based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The Ivory Coast national football team started using the facility in 2020 after its official opening.

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10. Moi International Sports Centre – 60, 000 – Nairobi, Kenya

The Moi International Sports Centre is located in Kasarani, Nairobi, Kenya. The stadium is the largest in Kenya and one of the stadiums with a 60, 000 seating capacity in the continent. It has an indoor arena that holds 5, 000 people and a competition pool with the same capacity. 

The Kenya national football team Harambee Stars, Kenyan Premier League club Mathare United and the athletics federation Athletics Kenya use it.

These are the 10 biggest stadiums in Africa. Of course, there are more stadiums to discuss, but we believe this list contains the best facilities you should know. Let us know if you have been to any of the above stadiums. And it’s time you made plans to visit if you haven’t. 

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