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5 Beautiful Rare Caribbean Animals You Must See


The Caribbean is highly associated with sandy beaches and great tropical views. Did you know you can find some of the rarest animals here? From those that inhabit the land to the ones that live in the sea, it’s the side of the Caribbean that’s rarely talked about. The next time you visit, these are some rare Caribbean animals you should endeavor to see.

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Caribbean Flamingo

5 Beautiful Rare Caribbean Animals You Must See
Two flamingos feeding in a swamp of water. Image Source: Pexels licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Caribbean flamingos, found in Jamaica and the Bahamas, are the brightest shade of pink in the world. They are omnivores and feed on fish, worms, insects, and aquatic seeds and plants. 

These flamingos are social birds and exist in large colonies. They mate in groups so that they can reproduce at once. The Caribbean flamingos are highly vocal. They trumpet, grunt, and honk. Although flamingos rarely migrate, they can walk for longer distances in search of food.  

These animals aren’t in much danger as they are rarely hunted. However, habitat loss is one of their biggest threats. 

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Lowland Paca

You might not classify the lowland Paca as a rodent because it doesn’t look like a typical rodent. They can be found in the Bahamas and Jamaica. 

The spotted paca is dark brown and spotted and weighs about 6 to 12 kilograms. Lowland pacas have a blunt head, short legs, and are tailless. As a result, they are bulky and move slowly. 

However, they are good swimmers. For this reason, when in danger, they hide in water. You can find the pacas near streams, swamps, and thickets. 

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Tayras, one of the rare Caribbean animals, are found on the Island of Trinidad. They resemble a dog and can live near human beings. Their bodies are long and slender with dark skin. Tayras are omnivores, and although they prefer to feed on rats, they can eat just about anything. They also climb trees and can eat.

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Tapir or Mountain Cow

The tapir is one of the rare Caribbean animals you should know about. It’s the largest land mammal found in Belize. It resembles an elephant, but it’s highly related to rhinos and horses. The nose is their most conspicuous feature. 

It’s made of soft tissue, which gives it the flexibility to reach out for things that it would otherwise not be able to get to. Although they spend most of their time on land, the tapir swims in rivers. 

Additionally, when in danger, they hide in water. As for their habits, tapirs are herbivores hence largely feed on plants. Fruits and seeds. 

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West Indian Manatee

Also known as the sea cow, the West Indian manatee is another rare Caribbean animal. They often swim in shallow waters where they eat, mate, rest, and drink. The manatees largely feed on seagrass but can also eat algae and other plants. 

The manatee hasn’t developed mechanisms of protection because other animals rarely hunt them. As such, their slow movement doesn’t put them in danger. They also tend to live alone except during the mating season. Their slow birth rate contributes to their small population.

It’s fascinating to learn about animals you rarely see or hear about. If you plan on visiting the Caribbean, make an effort to see them.

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