African-American Wellness and Lifestyle Trends: Brands Committing To the Culture


African-American Wellness and Lifestyle Trends


Actions speak louder than words – that’s right they do. So, if you say you support the black community, you must show it by investing your dollars in their business. If you look at the U.S Census Bureau data, it can be seen that almost 1 million businesses in the U.S are owned by minorities, including African-Americans. Even though the number seems large, it is not. Oprah Winfrey was the first African-American woman to enter the Forbes list of billionaires.

When it comes to the wellness industry, it is highly whitewashed. Most of the products you can find ranging from pregnancy resources to body creams are mostly for fair-skinned people. The industry does not properly cater to the needs of the mass audience that includes Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities.

Even for wellness clubs, there was nothing dedicated to black people when Naj Austin founded Ethel’s Club for people of color. She came up with the concept as she never felt heard or even fully secure in other wellness clubs and did not want her fellow people of color to face the same. Today, we are going to talk about the top 5 African-American owned wellness brands that are truly committed to the culture.

5 African American Wellness Brands

1.Black Girl’s Sunscreen

YES! Even if you are not Black, you must be aware of the problems Black people face when looking around for sunscreen. The Black Girl’s sunscreen has been formulated especially keeping in mind the skin color and texture of Black people. When you apply it, it is totally clear.  Along with that, jojoba, vitamin C and avocado oil, the skin is left moist and supple.

2.Iya Foods

iya foods


Toya Kolawole founded Iya Foods to bring the taste of original African cuisine to the USA. The powders and seasonings range from flours to baking mixes. The best thing about this African-American brand is the fact that it relies on production methods that are energy-efficient and goes for local produce.

3.Love Cork Screw

Ah! Who does not love a glass of good wine? Well, even though everyone does, Vegan people do have difficulty in finding the right wine. Celebrities like Kim-Kardashian West, Serena Williams, Zac Effron and so many more are vegan. Love Cork Screw is the brainchild of Chirshorn Lampley. She has made it big by coming up with vegan wine for every taste palette.

4.Lauren Napier Beauty

The brand was developed by Lauren Napier to provide wipes focused on Black skin. The wipes are not only highly moist but eco-friendly too. They are biodegradable. Simply WOW!

5.Justice of the Pies

Well, well, well, what can be better than a piece of amazing pie to start the day? Maya-Camille Broussard was inspired by her father’s love for pies and came up with Justice of the pies. Apart from making pies, they also partner with multiple businesses that are working towards the wellness of people in general.

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