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How Many Black Fashion Designers are in the NYFW 2023?


New York Fashion Week 2023, saw an influx of more than 28 black fashion designers and brands, aiding the industry’s much-needed lack of diversity.  The fashion elite takes over the city as multiple runways, showroom exhibits, and networking events celebrating the start of a new season for the fashion industry. 

The event, featuring black fashion designers, took off between February 10 and 15 and saw the best in fashion design, styling, and editorial.  These talented and unique designers include Diomata, Tia Adeola, Jeofroi, and Heron Preston, among others. 

The event also highlights some designers from the Black in Fashion Council Discovery Showrooms including Made by Ciraco, Oak & Acorn, and Ella Lisque. Designers like Studio 189, Tiffany Brown Design, Sukeina, Marrisa Wilson, Dur Doux, Eugene Taylor Brand, Junny, Black Boy Knits, House of Aama, Kevan Hall, Chuks Collins, Frederick Anderson, and Luar took turns in the runways and presentations.

Below is a highlight of 10 iconic black fashion designers in NYFW 2023

10 Iconic Black Fashion Designers in NYFW 2023

LaQuan Smith

Black Fashion Designers
Source: LaQuan Smith

In his new collections, Smith incorporates components from an earlier one while never forgetting to provide the brand with something significantly new. This time, it explores LaQuan Smith’s daytime attire with the help of iridescent cargo pants, office-ready slacks, and chiffon blouses that can easily be worn in casual settings by layering a silk camisole.

Here, a Smith model flaunts a distinctive, casual red dress that goes practically anywhere!

Heron Preston

One of the well-known names in American fashion is Heron Preston, although he has never had a collection displayed in the States. His company, a mainstay of streetwear, has shown all over the world, from Paris to Milan. 

He’s one of the black fashion designers debuting this year. Preston’s NYFW debut was influenced by New York City and the MTA and underground, which are the fundamental intersections of the metropolis

Sergio Hudson 

Sergio Hudson Collection, a ready-to-wear brand created solely in the USA, was founded in 2014. Every garment prioritizes construction and great attention to detail. Sergio Hudson feeds his inner muse with power dressing. He’s making a confident statement designed to withstand the test of time. It exudes elegance, composure, and sophistication. 

Sergio Hudson used unique graffiti art and colorful neon motifs to turn his New York Fashion Week runway into a tribute to the ’90s. Models were sent parading down the vibrant runway in voluminous mini-dress suits and daring haircuts that would have made Fran Drescher proud, taking inspiration from the psychedelic paintings by artist Jason Naylor. 

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House of Aama

Black Fashion Designers
Source: House of Aama

The Fall/Winter 2023 collection from House of Aama draws inspiration from centuries of African diasporic folklore. 

In an interpretation of the tale “Anansi the Spider,” mother-daughter duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka evoke the eras of the ’20s and ’90s through their garments.

In addition to designing pieces for mature audiences, this label also offered youthful options, maintaining its distinctive brand aesthetic throughout all designs.

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Head of State

There was a lot of buzz surrounding the collection by Taofeek Abijako, who showed off his new line that paid homage to his Nigerian roots. Featuring intricate patterns and vivid colors, the black fashion designer showcased luxurious fabrics. Each piece was exquisitely detailed, making it look like a work of art!

Kent Anthony

Black Fashion Designers
Source: Kent Anthony

Kent’s creative focus as a designer and artist is on using art and design to address issues and tell stories.

His ability to combine fashion, design and art was made possible by his study of industrial design. As a designer, Anthony uses this knowledge to develop goods, apparel, and interior environments.

Kent Anthony presented his spectacular “Negative Space II” Fall/Winter 2023 line during New York Fashion Week. The collection has a distinctive sartorial style that fuses high fashion with a street edge. He paired the jackets with magnificent string highlights and traditional black and white designs.

Junny Ann Hibbert

Junny uses the language of fashion to investigate how humans generate and maintain joy and misery in equal measure. In September 2021, she made her first appearance on the official NYFW stage with the acclaimed Mama collection.

Her designs are inspired by her Jamaican heritage. The bright colors and bold patterns made for some stunning pieces that stood out on the runway. Her use of traditional fabrics and modern silhouettes created an exciting blend of cultures and styles.

Frederick Anderson 

Anderson is one of the most experienced black fashion designers. With his fall ‘Renaissance’ collection, he challenges individuals to embody their desired persona. 

With its bright purple hues and lush layering, the clothing line empowers wearers to express themselves without restriction. Anderson pays homage to his FiT heritage with this bold collection with extra draping and quirky designs.

Who Decides War

As part of its seventh collection, Who Decides War, Everard Best and Tela D’Amore wanted to achieve a sophisticated streetwear style while staying true to the brand’s established design codes. In this collection, high-end denim items were juxtaposed with leather silhouettes embellished with stained glass window designs, elevating urban style. 

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Dur Doux

Black Fashion Designers
Source: Dur Doux

Dur Doux’s new Autumn/Winter 2023 collection takes inspiration from the French phrase “Toute L’Anne,” which means “Holiday Year-Round.” This season celebrates a marriage between fashion and travel by offering 25 designs that offer a balance of classic style and versatility to suit any occasion. The holiday year-round collection is among the black fashion designers that showcase lots of vibrant color, tropical prints, velvets, silks, and sequins.

Which black fashion designers impressed you most at NYFW 2023?

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