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10 Black Social Media Influencers to Follow & Collab With in 2023


Social media has changed the way we connect with friends, family, and the world around us. From YouTube stars to Instagram models, everyone has a channel they can use to showcase their best selfies, video makeovers, and behind-the-scenes snapshots of their daily lives. With that in mind, it’s no wonder brands are turning to black social media influencers in order to expand their reach, increase brand awareness, and grow their audience.

Whether you’re looking to collaborate with an established black content creator or find black influencers to follow, this list is enough to get you started. You don’t have to rely on a blogger, hook up with the trending TikTok star, and see your sales record shoot.

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What is a Black Social Media Influencer?

Black social media influencers are black people who use social media to inspire and engage a diverse audience. These stars come from a variety of backgrounds and industries, including music, fashion, travel, actors, actress, and food. Black social media influencers are essential because they can provide a positive image of black people.

Barack Obama

Source: Wikipedia

Barack Obama may have left office in 2017, but he’s still a social media phenomenon. The former president has built up a huge social media following by posting videos about issues like health, fitness, and mental health. Barrack Obama has used his social media presence to encourage people to use these topics as a coping mechanism when things get tough. Obama’s social media accounts, including his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts, have more than 160 million followers combined.

Oprah Winfrey

Source: Wikipedia

Oprah has been a social media phenomenon for years, thanks to her frequent appearances on social media and her #OwnYourSuccess self-help book series. Oprah’s Instagram account is a great place to find inspirational quotes, social justice-based posts, and plenty of pictures of the beloved talk show host.

Since she launched her account in 2015, Oprah’s Instagram page has grown rapidly. It now has more than 21.8 million followers. Oprah often posts motivational quotes and images about self-love on her page. Her feed is a good place to find content about self-confidence and self-acceptance for everyone more so the black community.

Steve Harvey

Source: Wikipedia

The King of Comedy, Steve Harvey, is a veteran of the stand-up comedy circuit and a social media influencer. The comedian and actor has found success using social media in a unique way. After a long and successful career as a standup comedian, Harvey started posting standup comedy sketches on Facebook and YouTube. In these short videos, Harvey plays exaggerated versions of typical African-American stereotypes.

Harvey’s social media posts are often satirical and poke fun at typical African-American stereotypes. The King of Comedy has more than 10.2 million followers on Instagram, where he often posts comedic sketches about African-American stereotypes.

LeBron James

Source: Wikipedia

King of the NBA LeBron James became one of the most successful basketball players in history after winning two NBA championships with the Miami Heat in 2006 and 2012. James also has four NBA Finals MVP awards and nine All-Star appearances. James returned to Akron, Ohio, in 2016 to open the I Promise School, which provides education to children who would not otherwise have it. Now, LeBron is gearing up toward his next career move: becoming a social media star. In February 2018, James launched his own YouTube channel. His videos are lighthearted and include lessons on life and sports. He has over 52.5 million followers on Twitter. 


Source: Wikipedia

RiRi’s now-cancelled Fenty x RiRi cosmetics line was one of the most buzzed-about beauty products of all time. The singer and beauty entrepreneur launched the cosmetics line in 2015 and released eight different makeup products. The collection, which featured products like Fenty gloss and Fenty Pro Longwear lipstick, was wildly popular, but it was abruptly discontinued by the brand less than a year after it launched. Now, Rihanna has found another way to make a splash in the beauty world.

In early 2018, she launched a makeup collaboration line with the beauty brand Sephora. In her first collaboration with Sephora, RiRi released a line of contour kits. From neutral to bronzed, the collection included 11 contour products. She has 609k and 107 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, respectively. 

She is one of the black women who don’t shy away from showing their creativity and diversity on her social media platforms and is also a lifestyle influencer.

Serena Williams

Source: Wikipedia

Serena Williams is one of the most accomplished athletes of all time. The tennis superstar has won 23 Grand Slam titles and is currently ranked No. 2 in the world. In 2015, Williams launched her own clothing brand. The tennis star partnered with California-based clothing company Uniqlo to create the SS18 collection. The collection included T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other casual clothing for men and women. Williams isn’t just a model for Uniqlo.

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She’s also one of the black creators who are social media influencers and style icons. The tennis star has cultivated a massive Instagram following, with more than 16 million followers on the platform. Her posts are often themed around fashion, with plenty of photos of Williams wearing Uniqlo clothing.

DeRay McKesson

Source: Wikipedia

DeRay McKesson is one of the most well-known activists in the United States. In 2016, McKesson became a social media sensation after posting video after video discussing issues like race, police brutality, and politics. His style of activism is unique, as it uses a blend of social media posts, live events, and written articles.

McKesson’s Instagram account is a great place to find his unique, offbeat, and often political posts. McKesson’s Instagram account has more than 236k followers and has been growing rapidly since he launched it in 2017. The account often features McKesson’s commentary on current events, including his views on the Trump presidency.


Source: Wikipedia

The Queen of Pop has been a social media phenomenon for years. Queen B’s Instagram account is home to plenty of pictures of Beyoncé, but it’s also been a platform for activism.  The singer has used her Instagram account to discuss issues like police brutality, sexism, racial inequality, and more.

Her posts have been an important voice in the social justice movement, and her reach extends far beyond the music industry. Her Instagram account has over 288 million followers that offer inclusion and is a great place to find a mix of music, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content.

Marques Brownlee

Source: Wikipedia

Marques Brownlee is a YouTube star who has built an enormous social media following. The YouTuber, who is best known for his travel and lifestyle vlogs, has more than 16.5 million subscribers on his channel. Brownlee often posts photos of himself travelling, exploring new places, and meeting interesting people. His feed is filled with eye-opening images of the world around him, plus plenty of tips and tricks for travelling.

You should be aware of a few of the most well-known black social media influencers and entertainers. They work in various fields and are active on a variety of social media sites. So, keep up with the ones you can relate to by following them. These black content creators have used their fame to encourage, be role model, and be some of the black voices that promote human kindness.

Many of these personalities work with brands and frequently recommend goods within their own expertise. You can get in touch with those who are most appropriate for your brand and target market if you’re seeking collaborations.

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