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Will Smith Movies: The 8 Fantastic Films That Still Rock

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Since 1986, Will Smith has entertained you with his diverse characters in your favorite movies. Without a doubt, his movies have given you countless laughs. Over the years, he has become one of the most influential actors in Hollywood. Besides, he’s also a producer. Always aiming for the highest version of himself.

He started in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” with his friend DJ Jazzy and has acted in more than 60 films. Here is a table showing his first ten movies.

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Movie NameYear of ProductionCharacter Smith Played
1.       The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air1990-1996William “Will” Smith
2.       Where the Day Takes You1992Manny
3.       Made in America1993Tea Cake Walters
4.       Six Degrees of Separation1993Paul
5.       Bad Boys1995Detective Mike Lowrey
6.       Independence Day1996Captain Steven “Steve” Hiller
7.       Men in Black1997Agent J
8.       Enemy of the State1998Robert Clayton Dear
9.       Welcome to Hollywood1998Will Smith
10.   Torrance Rises1999Will Smith

Let’s look at the 8 fantastic Will Smith movies that still rock with their IMDb ratings. 

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Hancock- 6.4/10

Hancock Trailer. Video by Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers

In the 2008 film “Hancock,” Will Smith portrayed the title character, a reluctant and disturbed superhero named John Hancock. Despite having superhuman skills, Hancock doesn’t project a polished, heroic image. 

Because of his unusual and sometimes harmful approaches to combating crime, he’s frequently misinterpreted and encounters criticism from the general population. The movie follows Hancock on his quest for self-awareness and atonement as he works to enhance his public persona and comprehend the source of his abilities.

I, Robot- 7.1/10

I, Robot Trailer. Video Credit: Myxmovie

This movie shows the relationship between people and machines. Also, the ethics of using machines

In  “I, Robot,” Will Smith plays the role of Detective Del Spooner. The detective is a Chicago police investigator looking into the passing of Dr. Alfred Lanning, a well-known scientist played by James Cromwell. Detective Spooner mistrusts the artificially intelligent robots that will serve humanity in the future.

As Spooner investigates, he finds a complicated web of intrigue and the possibility that the highly developed robots could be a threat.

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King Richard- 7.5/10

King Richard Movie Trailer. Video by Warner Bros. Pictures 

Will Smith portrayed Richard Williams in the 2021 film “King Richard. ” He was a father and coach to Venus and Serena Williams‘.  

Interestingly,  Williams went on to become two of the best tennis players in the sport’s history. The movie’s main theme is Richard’s unwavering resolve to mentor and successfully train his daughters despite many obstacles. 

Will Smith was commended for his portrayal of the aspirational and outspoken father who was instrumental in Venus and Serena Williams’ tennis careers, and his performance in “King Richard” garnered great attention.

Ali- 6.7/10

Ali Movie Trailer. Video by Sony Pictures Entertainment

Will Smith’s portrayal of the charismatic and influential boxer in “Ali” won him praise from critics and earned him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor. Smith not only portrayed Muhammad Ali’s physical attributes but also explored the depths of his character, bringing to life the charisma, assurance, and conviction that characterized Ali’s presence.

In the 2001 film “Ali,” the actor portrayed the renowned boxer Muhammad Ali. Michael Mann’s biographical dramatization of Ali’s life story follows significant moments in his boxing career. For instance,  his conversion to Islam, his denial of being drafted into the Vietnam War, and his return to win the heavyweight title.

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Independence Day- 7.0/10

This is one of the movies that proved to the world how bankable Will Smith is. He showcased his enthusiasm and most relatable performance. 

In this movie, Will Smith plays the role of Captain Steven Hiller. Captain Hiller is a charismatic and proficient United States Marine Corps fighter pilot. He emerges as pivotal in the human resistance movement against an alien invasion. His persona is renowned for his daring, sense of humor, and crucial part in defending Earth against alien invaders.

Men in Black- 7.3/10

Men in Black Trailer. Video by Sony Pictures Entertainment

This movie was derived from a comic book. It’s one of the outstanding comedies in Will Smith movies. The story is about a private organization, MiB, a top-secret and surveillance corporation. One of its top men, agent “K,” recruits new members. Among them is James Edwards, agent “J”( Will Smith). 

MIB‘s primary mission is to monitor and regulate alien activity on Earth. Thus ensuring that aliens coexist peacefully with humans. Agent J is a skilled and charismatic operative who partners with Agent K, played by Tommy Lee Jones, as they work together to protect Earth from intergalactic threats while keeping the existence of aliens hidden from the general public.

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Enemy of the State- 7.3/10

In this 1998 film, Will Smith played the role of Robert Clayton Dean. Dean is an entangled lawyer in a complex government conspiracy. He even becomes a target of intense scrutiny by government agencies. This is after he inadvertently gets evidence of a political assassination. The thrilling drama unfolds as the lawyer uncovers the truth behind the conspiracy. 

The suspense-filled and intriguing film was directed by Tony Scott

The Pursuit of Happyness-8.0/10

The Pursuit of Happyness Trailer. Video by Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers

This is one of Will Smith Movies that earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) is a true story of Chris Gardner( Will Smith). 

Chris is a struggling salesman facing homelessness. In addition, he is a single parent of a young son while he pursues an unpaid internship as a stockbroker

Smith’s powerful and moving performance captures the challenges and perseverance of a determined African-American man. Despite all the obstacles, he looks forward to a better future with his son. 

Unquestionably, Will Smith has had a successful acting career. The above eight films are some of the fantastic Will Smith movies. He has enjoyed breakthrough film roles. Besides, he has starred in successful film franchises and Academy Award Nomination. 

Which one on our list is your favorite Will Smith movie? 

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