The 20 Best Nightclubs in Africa

Nightlife is a big business in Africa as Africans love to party, socialize and have a good time. The nightclubs always come with food, drinks, music or live bands, and other side attractions to keep the party animals up all night. If you are looking to visit some African countries ranked as the best nightlife destinations, keep reading to discover some of the best nightclubs in Africa.


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Nightlife is a big business in Africa as Africans love to party, socialize and have a good time. The nightclubs always come with food, drinks, music or live bands, and other side attractions to keep the party animals up all night. 

If you are looking to visit some African countries ranked as the best nightlife destinations, keep reading to discover some of the best nightclubs in Africa.  

20 Best Nightclubs in Africa

Les Enfants Terribles

The 20 Best Nightclubs in Africa
Source: Instagram/@lifeofchristaylor

Les Enfants Terribles is one of the best nightclubs in Mauritius. Located on Royal Road, Pointe aux Canonniers, the club is open for a fun night out every Friday and Saturday with buzzing music from a range of genres; pop, RnB, or even hip hop. You can get a slot in the VIP/VVIP lounge at a price to enjoy exclusive features such as private parking. 

Club 31

Source: Google Images

Club 31 in Cape Town is one of South Africa’s finest clubs and the hub of any person who loves a good nightlife. The lounge boasts a lush interior consisting of magnificent chandeliers and furniture, sizzling cocktails, and the scenery to match. It is on the 31st floor of the ABSA building so that guests can enjoy an unmatched sky-high party experience.

La Villa

The 20 Best Nightclubs in Africa
Source: Instagram/@tempo_dancecompany

Located in the heart of Lome, Togo, La Villa provides the hysteria of a night party as well as a dine-in for guests. It offers great cocktails, wine, and alcohol of different varieties.

La Villa is perfect for a group hangout after work, celebration with friends, alone time, or a party-setting date night. Be sure to check in with your dancing shoes as there’s guaranteed to be great music, dancing, and entertainment. 

Lookal Beach Club

The 20 Best Nightclubs in Africa
Source: Instagram/@lookal_beach_club

Angolan people are known for their love of festivities and celebrations, and night partying isn’t left out. The Lookal Beach Club is situated on the exotic island of Luanda, Angola, popularly called Ilha de Luanda (Island of Luanda). 

What makes this club so special is that it offers amazing nightlife and the most beautiful view of the waterside all in one. The decor is tastefully done to give the vibe of a surreal time out away from the real world. The club also doubles as a restaurant and a spot you can rent for celebrations and get-togethers. 

Club Quilox

Source: Instagram/@clubquilox

Quilox is one of the best entertainment spots for the classy socialites in Lagos, Nigeria. It offers guests premium music, luxurious decor, and food that your taste buds would thank you for. Club Quilox is a top-rated club in Nigeria, so you will likely meet a few celebrities on a good day while partying away the night. 

555 Famous Club Marrakesh 

beach club
Source: Instagram/@beachclub555

555 Famous Club is one of the best nightclubs in Africa, and it is in the beautiful city of Marrakesh, Morocco. The club provides an impeccable atmosphere to party with the dazzling lights, buzzing music, and world-class interior. It is one of the most visited clubs in the city and a popular hangout spot for tourists seeking to enjoy the Moroccan nightlife. It also boasts of the best DJs and a huge dance floor for all party animals to enjoy their time comfortably. 

Life Star

google images
Source: Google Images

Life Star is a popping nightclub in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Once you are inside, you’d start to feel like a VVIP. The interior is bedazzled with rhinestones and bling, and the natives usually dress to match the vibe. 

Unsurprisingly, the nightlife destination is popular with celebrities, from movie stars to footballers and top-charting artists. It is lit up by the stars, glittery lights, the hyper guests, and the A-List stars that grace the turntable with the best music. It sure feels like partying on the MET GALA red carpet.  

Sanza Night Club

The 20 Best Nightclubs in Africa
Source: Instagram/@sanzanightclub

If you desire a mind-blowing party experience in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Sanza Night Club is the place for you, without a doubt. The indoor room offers lights, sparkle, vibes, and thrilling parties for you and your friends or colleagues after a long week at work. But the best part of Sanza Night Club for many people is the outdoor smack bar which delivers on the tastiest beef grills and the sweet melody of a piano bar. 

Club Gemini 

The 20 Best Nightclubs in Africa
Source: Twitter/@ExactExperient2

Arguably, Kenya is home to the best wildlife and nightlife destinations in East Africa. Club Gemini is the go-to nightclub for party lovers in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, so be ready for a room packed with people. 

You are guaranteed to love every second you spend at Club Gemini; it will be a great night out with food, drinks, and non-stop shuttling of the hottest songs. With the class of people that visit Gemini, you can leave the club with wads of cash, a brand new iPhone, and a trip to an exotic island. On the bright side, it is located within a mall, so you get maximum parking space. 

The Vault Addis

The 20 Best Nightclubs in Africa
Source: TripAdvisor

The Vault Addis is a nightclub located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which offers an experience different from what you are used to. Asides from the great music and cocktails, the highlight of The Vault is its ambiance.

The interior design was made intentionally with a unique theme, from the decor to the couch, glass, bar stools, and chairs. 

Twist NightClub

The 20 Best Nightclubs in Africa
Source: TheNewDiplomat

Twist Night Club is located in the heart of Accra. With beautiful, soothing lights, it can pass as a makeshift dine-in restaurant for an eat-out with pals. And when it is time to party, the lights are dimmed. 

Kwilu Bar 

Source: Instagram/@kaysha2201

Kwilu Bar in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, is one of the go-to clubs for good drinks and high vibes. It is perfect for when you want to live your fantasy of partying in a high-energy club. 

And if you wish to slow things down a bit, you can step out into their garden area for some peace and calm vibes. They offer salsa night every Wednesday and karaoke night every Thursday, each with a unique theme every week. 

Bla Bla Bar

Source: BamakoInfos

Bla Bla Bar in Bamako, Mali, is great for everyone who loves to party in a less intense atmosphere. They have lovely art across the room for you to admire and revel in. 

Le Taxi Be

Source: TripAdvisor

Le Taxi Be is a nightclub in Antsiranana, Madagascar. It is one of the best nightclubs for you to display your best tap dance moves and enjoy great nighttime. 


Source: Ariius

Ariius is located in Mandera, Somalia. It features a perfect hyper ambiance, three bars, an LED-lit dance floor, a VIP section, and the best DJs in town. 

Mojito’s Club

Source: Instagram/@mojitos_liberia

Named after one of the most popular cocktails, Mojito’s Club lives in Liberia. You can already feel the vibe from outside with the perfect picture spot. The nightclub is agog with drinks, food, and the most hyper party people. 

Cotton Club

Cotton Club
Source: Top Rated Online 

Cotton Club is one of the oldest clubs in Libreville, Gabon, yet it is one of the hottest and best nightclubs in Africa.

It is the go-to nightlife destination if you love some good ol’ retro music or would like to network with a slightly older and mature demographic. Salsa nights happen every Thursday, and there is karaoke until 1 am. 

Also, you don’t want to miss out on the mean hamburgers served at the trailer right next door. 

One Love Reggae Bar

Source: Instagram/@one_love_reggae_bar

One Love Reggae Bar is an exciting reggae nightclub in Sal Island, Cape Verde. It prides itself as the only rooftop reggae bar in the world.

In One Love Reggae Bar, you will get a perfect ocean view under the moonlight while jamming to non-stop reggae music with African drumming and dancing. They also have lots of reviews on social media about their homely customer service. 


The 20 Best Nightclubs in Africa
Source: Alamy

Asmara in Eritrea is home to Zilli, one of the top-rated clubs in the city. It offers a more homely version of a club, so it is best for when you wish to chill and relax. 

Gaborone Club

Source: Google Maps/@Gaborone Club

Gaborone Club, named after its city, is the oldest club in Gaborone, Botswana. Asides from a great night party with good music and dance, you can enjoy native and delicious food and drinks. You can also play tennis with Batswana on their social days.

Coconuts Live 

Source: Instagram/@issoeomendes

Coconuts Live is one of the best nightclubs in Africa. It is located in Maputo, Mozambique. 

In Coconut Live, you are guaranteed to enjoy a thrilling party life with upbeat dancers, and diverse cultural food. You can even go for a swim in the big pool. 

The best part of Coconut Live is the VIP lounge, where you can have an exclusive experience glazing over the agog nightclub.

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