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8 Small Business Tax Tips to Help Your Black Business Comply With Ease


As a small black business owner, you already have a lot on your table to handle. So, when tax season approaches, it’s normal to feel that extra pinch of pressure. But the truth is although important, taxation doesn’t have to be as scary as we make it appear. With the right small business tax tips, you can work through the tax period as though it’s just another day in your workplace.  

Are you looking for ways to move through the tax season with ease? Continue reading to discover eight small business tax tips that can help you worry less about your black business taxation. 

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Understand Tax Deductions and Credits

Tax Credits vs Tax Deductions: What is the Difference and Which is Better? Video Credit: @LYFEAccounting

Credits and deductions are more like little sprinkles of solace that can greatly cut down your business’s tax payable and taxable income. When you understand what business expenses can be deducted, you can reduce your taxable profit. On the other hand, tax credit directly lowers the amount of tax you owe. 

However, note that deductions and credits constantly change. This means that you need to read up on which expenses are deductible each year. Doing so will help ensure you don’t miss out on any potential savings.

Keep Your Business Records Tidy

A properly organized business record isn’t just good for daily operations. It’s essential for filing taxes for your small black-owned business

Clear and clean business records make it easy for you to report your brand’s expenses, income, and possible deductions. After all, claiming a deduction is impossible if you’ve lost an important receipt. 

One way to overcome this is to use receipt scanning tools to scan and save your business receipts on Google Drive where you can easily access them. Check these bookkeeping books on Amazon if you would love to learn how to keep your business records organized. 

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Classify Your Black-owned Business Rightly 

Business Structure – Choosing the Right Structure for your Business. Video Credit: @HowtostartanllcOfficial

When launching your black-owned business, you’ll have different entity types to choose from. Picking the classification your business falls into can impact the amount of income tax you owe. 

It’s Wise to carefully read up on the different entity types and their benefits before picking anyone. The different business entity types are:

Stay Updated on Tax Law Changes 

Federal and state tax laws constantly change. As stressful as it may be, it’s essential to stay updated with these changes to prevent compliance problems and to take advantage of those that may benefit your business.

One way to stay updated is to subscribe to tax newsletters, attend tax-related webinars and seminars, and regularly check the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website for guidelines and updates.

Separate Personal Expenses From Business Expenses 

Generally, mixing business with your personal life never seems to go well. The same is applicable to expenditures. 

Mixing your personal and business expenses can lead to tax issues, financial confusion, and many other money headaches. By law, some business entities require that you separate your personal expenses from your business expenditures. 

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Pay Your Tax on Time

Generally, tax isn’t something many people enjoy paying. However, it’s important to pay what you owe on time. 

Not paying on time can result in penalties and fines, including extra charges on the unpaid balance and late payment fees. As a small black-owned business, these extra charges can eat into your budget.

Manage Your Business Payroll Efficiently 

Overview of Payroll Management. Video Credit: @segunakiode

It’s important to know that paying your workers isn’t just about handing out paychecks. You’re also required to contribute to social security, withhold taxes, and manage all necessary deductions. 

Good payroll management begins with being able to classify workers as either independent contractors or employees. You’ll need to gather accurate information from all your business employees, calculate their gross pay, account for all deductions, and pay the corresponding taxes on time. 

When you manage your business payroll effectively, you’ll pay on time and avoid late payment penalties. You can get one or two payroll books from Amazon to learn about the subject. 

Consult With Tax Experts 

It’s advisable to consult With tax professionals from time to time. Or you can even hire one to help you with your small business taxes. Doing so will help you and your business stay optimized and compliant.

Taxes are an important part of running a business. However, for many black business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s challenging to handle all their business operations and still be able to keep track of the financial data they need to file their tax returns. With the eight small business tax tips shared here, you should be able to walk through every tax season without worries.

For more small business tax tips check these books out on Amazon. They contain more information that’ll help you handle your small business taxes like a pro. 

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