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6 Top Online Platforms for Black Musicians to Upload, Share, and Promote Their Music

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In the past, musicians relied solely on record labels and traditional distribution channels to share and promote their music. But today, they have many opportunities at their fingertips, thanks to the rise of online platforms designed to cater to their artistic aspirations.

These online music platforms have become powerful tools that empower artists to take their music directly to the global stage. With just a few clicks, musicians can upload their tracks, reach a vast audience, and connect with fans from around the world. Continue reading to discover online platforms for black musicians to upload, share, and promote their music. 

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1. Audiomack (Owned by Dave Macli and David Ponte)

Known for its focus on hip-hop, rap, and R&B music, Audiomack is a popular music streaming platform launched in 2012 by Dave Macli and David Ponte. The music streaming platform makes it easy for black artists to upload and share their music with a global audience. 

Audiomack offers free streaming and downloading options, making it accessible to many music lovers.  It also offers a premium subscription service called Audiomack Platinum, which provides additional features and benefits for artists and listeners.

 Furthermore, the streaming platform provides customizable artist profiles, social sharing options, and data analytics to track engagement and audience reach. Artists can also collaborate with other musicians, create playlists, and engage with their fans through comments and messaging.

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2. Amuse (Owned by Diego Farias)

Founded in 2015, Amuse is a music distribution service and record label that provides independent artists with a platform to distribute their music to streaming platforms. One of the critical features of Amuse is its free distribution model. 

Artists can upload their music to the platform at no cost, and Amuse will distribute their songs to major streaming platforms. This allows independent artists to release their music globally and reach a broad audience without upfront fees.

Amuse also offers additional services to artists, including data analytics and insights, which allow them to track their streaming and sales data through the Amuse platform.

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3. Damixhub 

Known for its vast collection of mixtapes from established and up-and-coming DJs and artists, DaMixhub is a black-owned streaming platform. The brand specializes in mixtapes and DJ sets. It provides a platform for DJs, artists, and music enthusiasts to discover, share, and listen to a wide range of mixtapes across various genres.

The platform allows DJs to showcase their skills, create personalized mixes, and share them with a dedicated community of music lovers. Furthermore, The platform features a user-friendly interface that allows users to search for mixtapes by DJ name, artist, or genre. 

Users can stream mixtapes directly on the website or through the DaMixhub mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. The app also allows users to download mixtapes for offline listening.

4. Tidal

This music streaming platform was initially launched by Swedish company Aspiro AB in 2014. However, it gained significant attention and popularity after being acquired by a consortium led by American rapper and entrepreneur Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter in 2015. 

Under Jay-Z’s ownership, Tidal underwent a relaunch and rebranding to position itself as a high-fidelity streaming service that prioritizes artist ownership and fair compensation.

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One of the key distinguishing features of Tidal is its emphasis on high-quality audio. The platform offers a premium tier called Tidal HiFi.

 This provides lossless, CD-quality audio streaming, offering listeners a more immersive and superior audio experience compared to standard compressed audio formats. Tidal also offers a standard tier for users who prefer regular quality streaming.

The availability of online platforms tailored for black musicians to upload, share and promote their music has greatly empowered artists, fostering creativity and amplifying their voices. These platforms provide vital spaces for representation, connection, and economic opportunities, driving the growth and recognition of black music globally.


Launched in 2002, Black Gospel Radio is a prominent online platform dedicated to gospel music and gospel artists, particularly those within the black community. The website serves as a hub for gospel music news, album releases, concert updates, artist features, and other related content.

It features profiles of various gospel artists, providing background information, discographies, and links to their music and social media profiles. This allows fans and industry professionals to discover and connect with artists they are interested in.

Furthermore, Black Gospel Radio conducts interviews with gospel artists, providing insights into their music, inspiration, and experiences in the industry. These features offer a more personal connection between artists and their audience.

6. Black Music America

Owned by Pete and Kim Rhodes, Black Music America (BMA) is an online platform that promotes and celebrates black artists and their contributions to the music industry. BMA is a hub for news, information, and resources related to black music and musicians across various genres and styles.

The primary mission of Black Music America is to promote black artists and musicians. Hence, the platform highlights their work, achievements, and impact on the music industry.

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