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Moipei Sisters: Incredible Kenyan Quartet’s Journey to the World Stage


Talent is amazing, and it’s in us and the people around us. People of African heritage have showcased talent in various fields. But it’s rare to find sisters from one family with melodious voices that mesmerize you. This is the story of the Moipei sisters, a Kenyan music group consisting of three triplets and one sister.

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Who Are the Moipei Sisters?

Mary, Magdalene, and Martha, triplets currently at 30, teamed up with their younger sister Seraphine, 28, to form the Moipei Quartet. The four found fame early in Kenya due to their musical prowess and striking similarity, given that three out of four are identical triplets. 

They were born and raised in Kenya to a musical family. Their dad, Nicholas Moipei, is a piano teacher. He introduced them to the piano, music theory, and other genres early. On the other hand, their mom religiously drove them to music lessons and concerts. 

With that kind of support, it’s not a surprise that the Moipei Sisters have consistently put Kenyan’s name on global platforms.

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The Start of Their Musical Journey

The quartet first sang publicly at their first Holy Communion at age 7. However, their performance at the Kenya Music Festival competitions propelled their musical journey. The Moipei quartet won the first position for four consecutive years at the music festivals. This gave them a platform to perform before national and international audiences. 

Barely into their teenage years, the girls were touring Uganda, Tanzania, the USA, Canada, China, and Venezuela. At the time, they performed various genres, including Kenyafolk songs, African, Pop, Gospel, opera, and classical music.

In 2007, President Mwai Kibaki recognized their brilliant talent and contribution to the Kenyan Music Industry and awarded them the Head of State Commendation.

At 12, Moipei Sisters successfully represented Kenya in the Young People’s Festival (YoPeFe). This led to their appointment as Kenya’s First UNICEF Child Ambassador. The girls used their Angelic voice and talent to champion girl empowerment through education and eradicating cultural practices like Female Genital Mutilation. They advocated for alternative rites of passage.

Meanwhile, their relevance in Kenya was growing. The girls were appointed the Kenyan Musical Ambassadors. Under this title, they attended the Second African Cultural Festival in Venezuela. They also toured various opera houses and performed in historic theaters like the Teatro Municipal de Caracas, where the show was sold out.

In 2011, their album -In the Land of the Lion- won the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation Awards (SABC) as Best of Africa. SABC is Africa’s best gospel award.

Furthering Their Studies in Texas

The triplets completed High School in one of the prestigious schools in Kenya, Brookhouse, and proceeded to join St Mary’s University in San Antonio. They all pursued a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance.

Although their stay and study in St Mary’s has largely contributed to the success of their music career, it’s important to note that the Moipei sisters had already built a name for themselves before jetting out of their country.

In fact, in 2013, just before they left for Texas, the quartet performed at the Inauguration of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. However, when they left for University, the triplets had to leave their younger sister behind to complete her High School.

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On campus, the trio would randomly break into harmony wherever they were. They performed various functions, including a sold-out audience at Tobin Center, a Broadway-level facility. As they explored the food and culture of the new country, they made sure to leave a mark using their angelic voices and outstanding performances.

The highlight of their performance on campus was when they sang the American National Anthem, “The Stars Spangled Banner,” at the National Basketball Association match between the San Antonio Spurs and the Clippers.

In an interview with the San Antonio Express-News, Maggy, one of the triplets, said that other than during the Inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta, they had never performed to such a huge crowd. She noted that it was quite a humbling experience. 

Other iconic performances and accolades include

  • They presented a program for the President of Kenya in the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center.
  • The trio performed with the San Antonio Symphony at the Holiday Pops concert. They sang “Let it Snow,” a performance that would commission the Moipei sisters.
  • In 2017, they were featured in their first opera, “Speed Dating Tonight.”

The girls made it to the Dean’s list every academic year, and in 2018, they graduated each with First Class Honors—a demonstration of balance.

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Life After Campus

In 2022, the girls relocated to New York to join the world-renowned Broadway Theater District. A neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan known for staging performances in 41 professional theatres.

While on Broadway, they performed mostly Jazz music. But this doesn’t they had no other interests. They perform the Cabaret music genre. 

Currently, this is the girls’ preferred style at the Lincoln Centre and Badlands Jazz Theatre.

The girls have won the Julie Wilson Award in 2022. And in April this year, they performed The Water is Wide and shared the stage with Ashley Judd.

The Moipei sisters’ singing journey has been incredible! And they have amazing parents who have guided their journey throughout. We can expect them to keep soaring and bagging more awards. They hope to return to Kenya and launch a musical school.

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