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How to Take Care of Your Starter Locs for Longevity


Are you thinking of starting your locs journey or perhaps you’ve started and need guidance? Taking care of your starter locs, also known as baby locs, needs patience and dedication to grow healthy and strong. 

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Depending on your hair type, this process lasts for three to six months, so you need to have a proper maintenance routine. In this post, we’ll guide you on how to care for your starter locs.   

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Starter locs maintenance. Video Credit: DaeLocs

Wash Your Starter Locs

Spotcovery-How to Take Care of Your Starter Locs for Longevity
A man wearing dreadlocks. Source: Photo by Shalom Ejiofor on Unsplash

One of the things you should do as part of your maintenance routine is washing your starter locs. That said, limit the number of your wash days to between four to six weeks. Any other frequency will be too much for your dreadlocks and may cause unraveling and breakage. 

When washing, massage your scalp gently and don’t scrub them together. At the same time, you shouldn’t underwash your locs. Buildup from hair products and dirt from the atmosphere will accumulate and interfere with the growth process of your locs. Consider wearing a wig cap when washing to prevent unraveling.

If you aren’t sure about how can go about this safely, go to professional locticians to wash your starter locs. 

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Avoid Excessive Use of Hair Products

As much as you want to keep everything glowing and growing well, you shouldn’t apply so many hair products. This will lead to product buildup and your starter locs might begin to unravel therefore, limit the use of hair products.

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Don’t Deep Condition

Another way of protecting your starter locs is avoiding deep conditioning because it can cause unravelling. Be patient and follow the simple washing routine we’ve suggested above. This step will come after your locs are defined.

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Don’t Touch Unnecessarily 

It can be very tempting to want to touch your starter locs to feel how they are growing. However, resist the urge. Don’t retwist or try to add unnecessary products. Let it grow freely and only interrupt during your wash day.

Cover Your Locs When Sleeping

Review of sleeping with locs. Video Credit: Keepin’ Up With Chyna

Don’t sleep without covering your starter locs otherwise they might collect debris and make them look dirty. Use a satin pillowcase, bonnet or silk scarf to protect your hair from any friction that will interfere with your locs growth.

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Go For Natural Oils

As much as we’ve said that you should touch your starter locs minimally, your scalp needs moisture. We recommend using natural oils like argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and jojoba oil, for healthy hair growth.  

Style Loosely

Spotcovery- How to Take Care of Your Starter Locs for Longevity
A man with dreadlocks. Source: Photo by Calbert Warner

You can style your locs to switch up your looks. However, tying it tightly or wearing tight protective hairstyles can cause breakage. 

Taking care of starter locs isn’t a walk in the park. However, if you want to grow them strong and healthy, you have to follow the maintenance tips we’ve shared. Avoid using too many hair products, tight hairstyling and manipulation. When you’re in doubt, always go to a professional. They’ll treat your hair and possibly give you a proper care regimen to grow your locs.

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