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These 5 Famous Black Skateboarders Should Be On Your Watch List


Black skateboarders have played a significant role in the growth of the sport. Their presence has contributed to the sports culture. Whether it’s the creativity on the board, the freedom it represents or the thrill of risk-taking, they embraced it. 

However, these black skaters have gone unnoticed for a long time but are slowly gaining the recognition they deserve. They’ve won on world championships and are usually celebrated in black neighborhoods and beyond.

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To show solidarity to black man, they have been part of people speaking on police brutality on blacks and being on protests for the same. This followed the death of Tyre Nichols who was killed by police officers in Memphis.

Among the major brands that support black skateboarders are:

  • Supreme
  • Dior
  • Jordan Brand
  • Prada
  • Drake

In this article, we’ll list some incredible skateboarders you should know. 

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Brandon Turner

These 5 Famous Black Skateboarders Should Be On Your Watch List
A skateboarder doing a stunt. Source: Photo by Andrew Pons on Unsplash

Brandon Turner could have done more with his skating boarding career, except that drug abuse and imprisonment interrupted his progression. He was a child prodigy whose skills impressed people in Japan and America. 

In Japan, he met a local skater, Tomonari Hongo, who introduced him to the scene and taught him multiple skills. In the United States, Lil B, as he was fondly known, met skaters who were prominent in the San Diego skating scene. 

Through this, he was linked with Voice skateboarders, an experience that took him worldwide but also led to his downfall. He became a heavy drinker and was in and out of prison. 

This interfered with his career but he realized he needed help. He uses his experience of skateboarding to help other people battling addiction through a program he started.

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Kareem Campbell

Kareem Campbell talking about his favorite skater. Video Credit: Transworld Skateboarding

Campbell is one of the most celebrated black skateboarders in the sport. He’s credited for “The Ghetto Bird” style. He was born in Harlem but lived between New York and Los Angeles. 

A neighborhood mate introduced him to the sport, after which he met other seasoned skateboarders. He first rode for World Industries and then joined Blue. Campbell was featured in several videos made by World Industries:

  • New World Order.
  • 20 Shot Sequence.
  • Trilogy.

Another of his important achievements is that he was the first to ollie in Santa Monica Triple Set. Additionally, he was included in the video game series Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in 1999 and reprised his role in 2000. He’s praised for elevating the standards of skateboarding in the black community.

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Karl Watson 

Karl Watson skating for Organika. Video Credit: ORGANIKASKATEBOARDS

Karl Watson got his first skateboard when he was 11 years old. At age 13, he received sponsorship and became a professional four years later before graduating from high school. He was sponsored by Dogtown and Think Skateboarders

His first skate video came when he was part of DTS. He then got some skateboards with his name and, in 2000, launched his first shoe courtesy of IPath Footwear

Other teams he worked with include: 

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After her career, Watson wrote the book My First Skateboard Book.

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Samarria Brevard

Samarria Brevard showcasing her skateboarding skills. Source: Instagram

Samarria Brevard was inspired by Jackie Chan’s free-falling and sliding off a cliff. The next thing was seeing her neighbor with a skateboard. Riding on it was fun and she always wanted to do stunts. 

Later, she joined the Hoopla Skateboards and participated in several competitions. This saw her become the first black female skateboarder to lift the Kimberly Diamond Cup Women’s Street Championship. 

Other competitions Samarria featured in include: 

Brevard represented the United States in the 2020 Summer Olympics and won medal. She was an inspiration to many young girls just like Beatrice Domond.

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Tyshawn Jones

Tyshawn Jones’ skateboarding skills. Source: Instagram

Tyshawn Jones is one of the most outstanding black skateboarders of our time. He won the Thrasher Skater of the Year twice. His success is no fluke. Jones skated with his brother, who left the sport. His persistence paid off when he found sponsorship opportunities. 

His first was with Toy Machine, and later went professional with FA World Entertainment. In 2014, he signed with Adidas and appeared in the video Away Days. After 11 years with the American company, he left and started his own company, King Skateboarders. Also he has excelled as a businessman and a record producer.

Other skateboarders who’ve passion for the game are Ray Barbee, Stevie Williams, Nyjah Huston, Briana King, Ishod Wair, and Terry Kennedy.

Skateboarding is embedded in black culture and the presence of black skateboarders can’t be ignored. The skateboarders in this article have contributed to the sport’s growth and continue to use it for various causes. 

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