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5 Famous Black Gamers in eSports You Should Know


The gaming industry is valued at over $250 billion, and its valuation is projected to rise to $300 billion by 2026. The United States is the biggest market benefiting, and a large share of gamers are white. Even though there’s a substantial presence of black gamers in the eSports industry, they don’t get as much recognition. 

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In this post, we’ll look at famous black gamers you should know. 

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Brian “Beast” Diang’a 

Brian grew up in the largest slum in Kenya, Kibera. He endured a tough life, going days without food and water. To escape his reality, he spent time in a den playing video games. He acquired his skills on YouTube and entered into different tournaments. This is where he earned his nickname, Beast. He’s now an influential figure in the Kenyan gaming community, helping to grow the industry. 

Dominique “SonicFox” McLean  

5 Famous Black Gamers in eSports You Should Know
American gamer Dominique McLean. Image Source: ShackNews licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Dominique is one of the few black gamers in eSports. The American is one of the highest-paid eSports players in the world. The gamer has been successful at multiple events, including the Evolution Championship Series. Dominique was part of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 and was named eSports Player of the Year in 2018. 

SonicFox as he’s known in the gaming circles, began playing video games when he was three years old. He competed in the Mortal Kombart competition, where he was encouraged to pursue his interest in video gaming. 

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Ezra Samsora Morris

Ezra is an American eSports gamer. He specialized in playing Super Smash Bros. Worldwide, he is the 22nd-best gamer, winning one major tournament. Ezra was born into a family of gamers. He got his name Samsora from the Grand Chase game which has the character named Samsara. 

Jeannail Carter

Popularly known as Cuddle Carter in the gaming community, Jeannail is one of the most famous black gamers in eSports. She’s Redbull’s first black female gamer. She began playing games when she was five or six with her father. Cuddle Carter specializes in Tekken and is now one of the best Tekken players around. 

Jeannail’s breakthrough came in 2018. She was invited to a Tekken tournament, and her performance earned her an invitation to the Equinox Pro Team. In 2022, she switched teams and joined Counter Logic Gaming.

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Sylvia Gathoni

Sylvia is the first female professional eSports gamer in Kenya. She specializes in Tekken 7. Sylvia engaged in eSports as a pastime. After competing in her first tournament in East Africa, she joined a local competition, Tekken 254, now known as the Savanna Circuit. 

In 2018, Sylvia, known as Queen Arrow, became the first East African to be signed by a global professional eSports brand, XiT Woundz, now known as XiT Gaming. Her first tournament win came in 2019 in an event in Central Kenya in an eSports tour organized by Safaricom. 

In 2020, Sylvia joined the British team Brutal Democracy. In 2021, she became a content creator for the UYU Team and currently represents the South African team NIBBLE.

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Black gamers are just as competitive. Although there may be underrepresentation in the industry, they are slowly gaining ground. In some parts of the world, like Africa, eSports are slowly becoming acceptable as a viable career path. 

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